Website Review:

I must apologize for the long delay in between posts. I've had some personal stuff keep me away from my blog. I'm back with a website review. If you're like most people the Internet can be a big distraction. There's all of those notifications pinging and carrying on. An innocent, "Oh let me just check my Facebook messages right quick" can turn into an hour of laughing at Kermit memes and awwing at photos of cute kids and cats. Sometimes you need some help to focus on what you are trying to work on. Read more [...]

How To Survive The Summer Slowdown

For a lot of business owners, business comes to a complete, screeching halt in the summer. Many small business owners panic because of the loss of business. Some business owners welcome the slow period and use it as a time to kick back and relax. If you're concerned about your business slowing down during this time of year, here are some things you can do. Use This Time To Catch Up On Reading You know those 20 million books you downloaded because they were free on Kindle? Now is the perfect time Read more [...]

Book Review: How To Promote Your Book With A Blog Tour

So you’ve finally finished your book. You’ve devoured countless cups of coffee. You’ve edited and re-edited. You’ve sent your book to beta readers and editors. You’ve uploaded your book to Amazon. It’s done. You’re baby is out there in the big, bad world. Now you can sit back, relax and catch up on all of the TV you missed while you were diligently working on your book, right? Not so fast. Now that you’ve published your book, you have to promote it. Did you think it was going to sell Read more [...]

Private Label Rights: A Great Way To Create Content For Your Website

If you want to survive in internet marketing, you must have content. If it’s one thing that Google has been consistent about, it is that you must have unique, high quality content on your website. Not only does having this content please Google, it also helps your website seem more useful to your website visitors and potential clients. How do you create this content if you’re not a writer? One thing you can use to help make creating content easier is to use private label content. This article Read more [...]

Book Review: Author’s Quick Guide To Shaking Procrastination And Perfectionism And Getting ‘Er Done By Kristen Eckstein

I just got finished reading another one of the books in Kristen Eckstein's Author's Quick Guide Series. This one was about how to deal with Perfectionism and Procrastination when you are trying to get a book completed. As usual, Kristen delivers a lot of value in a short amount of time. She gets right to some of the reasons why people procrastinate and gives you tips on how not to be a perfectionist. The one thing that struck a chord with me the most was the affirmation that she shared with us, "I Read more [...]

*sigh* Google’s At It Again…New Panda Update Rolls Out

Thanks to my good friend Kim Castleberry, I found out about something that Google is up to. Get ready to hear a lot of whining on the Forums and on Social Media. The Big G has released another Panda update. This one is being dubbed, "Google Panda 4.0" It looks like this update is part of Google's efforts to make sure that only unique websites appear on the first page for the search terms that users enter. What does this mean for webmasters? Just make sure that your content is unique. If you're Read more [...]

Save The Date! Free Webinar About Kindle Publishing

Calling all authors! If you have been interested in learning how to make money publishing on the kindle, save this date. On May 6th, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST, I will be co-hosting a webinar with Kristen Eckstein about publishing on the Kindle. You may remember that she was one of my featured speakers during my telesummit a while back. Why should you listen to Kristen? She published 18 Kindle books in 18 weeks. Several titles hit the Best Sellers list She got calls from experts and international Read more [...]

Interested In Natural Health And Green Living? Don’t Miss This Event

One of the things that I'm passionate about is natural health and wellness solutions for what ails us. I believe that there is a natural solution on this planet for everything that we need to survive. Do I know ALL of the answers? No. It would take a lifetime to discover everything that plants and herbs can do for our bodies. I don't think that every person should be on the same type of diet. I do realize that each person has their own individual issues. One thing I can suggest is that you take Read more [...]