Announcing The Pick My Brain Tour With Adrienne Graham

You may remember me writing about my friend, #adrienne graham's book, No You Can't Pick My Brain, It Costs Too Much, in a previous post. Well Adrienne has done it again. She is going on tour with her message starting with a paid Livestream event on November 5th. If you are tired of people expecting you to give away all of your expert knowledge for free, this is the tour for you. If you are ready to learn how to.. Convert brain pickers into paying customers Eliminate the need to discount Set Read more [...]

Learn How To Market Your Small Business: Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Here's my #marketing Monday post. Many small businesses don’t have the same marketing muscle as large businesses. A small business simply doesn’t have the advertising budget needed to build a “big” brand and to gain recognition in the market through that brand. So how is a small business to compete with the “big guns?” The answer is by utilizing effective communication strategies with their customers. As a small business owner, communicating with your customers should be Read more [...]

Tips For Using LinkedIn

linkedin is a powerful business tool if used correctly. I've selected a few posts designed to show you how you can use LinkedIn to help grow your business. Here's one from content marketing institute: 5 Ways Content Marketers Can Get More Value From LinkedIn If you only view LinkedIn as the site where you keep your digital resume and virtual business card collection, you won’t see how it really can help grow your business, expand your content’s audience, and build valuable connections. LinkedIn Read more [...]

Small Business Tip: Don’t Get Discouraged When You Can’t Make A Client Happy

If you stay in business long enough, you will come across a client that is hard to please. No matter what you try, this person will not be happy. This person will try to get you to do work for free or at an unreasonable price. Don't ever back down on your price. There will be other customers that will be happy to work with you at the rate you have set. Use this as a learning experience and keep marketing for new clients.   Here's a video with some tips about dealing with difficult clients: Read more [...]

Marketing Roundup for week of 9-08-2014

For today's marketing tips post, I have searched the Internet for useful blog posts about marketing to share with you. Here are a few of the posts I found for your enjoyment. Internet Marketing Tools Every Small Business Needs 3 Small Business Content Marketing Tips To Fuel Growth 7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses 8 Expert Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses I hope you've enjoyed this week's marketing roundup. Now go out and make some money! Read more [...]

WordPress Wednesday – How To Make Your Blog Accessible From A Static Page

Today's tutorial came from a question posted by a member of my Facebook group. This member had two questions. 1. How do I make the home page of my blog a static page? 2. How do readers access my blog from the static page? I knew the answer to the first question, but I had to do some digging to find the answer to the second question. While I was doing my digging, the question was answered in the group. I wanted to make things a bit clearer, so I decided to write a blog post explaining the process. Read more [...]

Tuesday Tutorial: Tips For Working From Home With Small Children

When many people first start a home business they envision themselves working with their child happily sitting in the play pen while they work. Then reality hits. All of a sudden your baby refuses to take naps. They wake up as soon as you try to lay them down. When you try to put your child in the play pen, they scream as if you just put them in a vat of burning oil. As soon as you try to make a phone call, your child picks then to make as much noise as they know how to make. So what should a frazzled Read more [...]

Blog Announcement: I’m returning to using an editorial calendar

You may have noticed that my blog posting has gotten sporadic. That is just not me. I won’t bore you with the details. I’ve had a bit of an upheaval in my personal life. With that being said, I’m going back to what I used to do years ago with this blog. I’m using an editorial calendar and I’m going to try to stick to it. Of course if there’s breaking news or if I have a promotion going on, those will take priority. Thanks for sticking with me.

Summer Blog Tour 2014

Hello there! My good friend Deni Cooper asked me if I'd be interested in participating in this blog tour. I originally met Deni during my MLM days (I think). Here is her post in the Blog Tour: I have since changed my business focus, but I still kept in touch with some of the wonderful people I met while I was involved with that industry. So without further ado, here's my post for this year's blog tour. 1. What Read more [...]

Website Review:

I must apologize for the long delay in between posts. I've had some personal stuff keep me away from my blog. I'm back with a website review. If you're like most people the Internet can be a big distraction. There's all of those notifications pinging and carrying on. An innocent, "Oh let me just check my Facebook messages right quick" can turn into an hour of laughing at Kermit memes and awwing at photos of cute kids and cats. Sometimes you need some help to focus on what you are trying to work on. Read more [...]