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Book Review-
Testosterone Free Marketing by Denise Michaels

Normally I don’t write gender specific posts, but
this is pretty important, so fellas go watch
Sportscenter. This one’s for the ladies.
Ladies, if you are serious about building your
business (which I know you are or you wouldn’t
be reading this blog), then you must stop what
you’re doing and pick up a copy of
Testosterone Free Marketing by Denise Michaels.
You can do that by clicking on the words
Testosterone Free Marketing.

This Book should be a staple in every female
entrepreneur’s arsenal of business books.
Denise Michaels, a marketing expert with over two
decades of successful experience in sales, PR,
advertising, market research and strategic
planning explains how to stop sabatoging your
marketing efforts. She shows women how to use
their femininity to their advantage to get
customers to that all important YES!

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark this blog,
click on
Testosterone Free Marketing
and buy your
copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

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