Article: Business Planning For Small Business

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Business Planning For Small Business

By Jordi Shoman

Small businesses that need very little capital to get started rarely have a business plan in place. This is because the owners do not see any need to go to this trouble when they don’t need to borrow funds. Just like you use a financial planner when you make investments, you can also use available expert advice to help you get started with writing a business plan. The most common type of business plan for small businesses is the start up plan, but there are other types, such as a feasibility plan or an investment plan.

Commentary on article: 5 Mistakes a small-business owner should never make

I saw an interesting article on CNN Money called 5 Mistakes a small business owner should never make. It's interesting that too little cash was the first one mentioned.  Personally I disagree with that statement.  I don't think that you should wait around until you have the perfect amount of money to start your business.  I think you should start with whatever resources you have and then build up from there.  Too many people procrastinate when it comes to starting a business.  Of course that's just my opinion…