Guest Article – Podcasting: One of the Most Effective Internet Marketing Tools by Cheryl Weisz

Podcasting is one of the internet marketing tools that anybody can use for building lists. A podcast is a free audio or video series, sort of like a TV or radio show that you can download and watch or listen on your computer, iPod, or mobile phone.

The advantage of podcasts over radios is that you do not need to listen to a certain show the moment it airs. You can simply download the show and play it to your device whenever you want.

Video: Gmail introduces-Priority Inbox

I always complain about how google does stuff. However, this time I think they are on to something. They are rolling out this priority inbox feature for select gmail users (don’t ask me how they determine who gets to test it first). I saw the notice when I went to check my email earlier today. They have even created a cute youtube video explaining how to use it. Here is the video. I just had to share it as an example of a good way to use video in your business.

Small Business Owners-How To Embed A Youtube Video In Your Small Business Blog

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you will notice that from time to time I will put a video up instead of just text. I’ll bet you were wondering how I did that. Youtube makes it really easy to embed videos into wordpress. In fact, today’s post is a tutorial my friend Nicole Dean has created to show you how to do just that. Take it away Nicole…

Guest Article – Podcasting How-To – A Pretty Good Podcast is All You Need By Doug Champigny

Here is a guest article that I found on ezinearticles about podcasting.  I hope you enjoy it and learn something about podcasting.

Podcasting How-To – A Pretty Good Podcast is All You Need

By Doug Champigny

A pretty good podcast, or really a succession of pretty good podcasts, is all you need to attract an online audience. But just what does a ‘pretty good podcast’ entail?

Podcasting: A Cost Effective Way to Create & Reach an Audience

This is session three, Producing a Podcast.

The speaker discusses the best microphones to use for your podcast and also some of the best software products. He will also explain how to render the podcast into an mp3 file so you can share it with the world.

How To Make Your First Podcast – Simple. Quick. Easy!

What is a podcast? A podcast is basically an mp3 or a WMA file or a mp4 ,etc. that you can put on an iPod or other podcast readers.

I love this fella’s accent as he explains how to do your first one simply and quickly!

after you make your podcast, you need to make an RSS feed because podcasts power themselves from RSS feeds. He sure makes is sound simple, quick and FUN!

How to Create a Podcast

This video will show you how to create a podcast and distribute it.

We will use Audacity ( to edit the podcast. You will need a computer, speakers, audio editing software, a website or hosting service that you can upload your podcast to and an RSS feed.

You will start by downloading a FREE program called Audacity … watch the video to learn more.

Not the wordy type? Tip about the length of your podcast


I know a lot of you aren’t that talkative. Now if you are talkative, this post might not apply to you. Don’t let the fact that you aren’t a talker keep you from recording a podcast. It is actually better to record a shorter podcast than a longer one. A podcast should be no longer than 30 minutes. The reason is that you actually want people to listen to and act on the information you are sharing with them.