Two Keys to Happy Website Visitors

As a website owner you want to make sure your visitors are happy. Happy visitors stay on your website longer. They come back for repeat visits. And of course they buy from your website. When it comes to a website’s structure, there are two elements that can make or break your user experience.

Quick load times

There’s nothing that squashes a visitor’s happiness faster than not being able to load a website page. If the page doesn’t come up quickly, your visitor is gone. We’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification online. If your web page takes longer than a few seconds to load, you may miss out on valuable prospects and visitors. They won’t be happy while they’re waiting for your pages to load.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

We are always looking for ways to keep our data safe in this information age. And the latest way to store information is in the cloud. For those who don’t know, this is a way you can store data remotely rather than on your own device. It cuts IT costs drastically while also speeding up operations. But how safe is it to save data remotely? Most have not made the leap of faith yet to cloud computing.


Update About SpamHammer

Okay earlier I wrote about SpamHammer being a really good plugin to help fight spam. I do still think it is a good plugin. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is not a free plugin. They let you have a free trial and then they want you to pay to keep using it. I don’t really approve of such bait and switch tactics. I wouldn’t do that to you guys. I make sure you know of all costs up front. I think the upgrade price on this one is $37 or something like that. I don’t mind paying for a plugin. I just don’t like the bait and switch. I have also installed wordfence so I will let you know how that works.

Spam Hammer: My New Best Friend

So if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you have probably seen me gripe about spammers. I’ve tried several different things to combat spam and they worked okay. I use akismet and the growmap anti spam plugin. However those two alone were STILL letting tons of spam comments through. One day I had over 20 spam comments waiting to be moderated. At that point I had to do something. So what I did was look for another plugin. I found a plugin called Spam hammer. It is awesome. So far it has blocked over 200 spam attempts on my blog. I didn’t have to do anything but install it. I didn’t have to tell it anything. I do check to make sure no legitimate comments get blocked. So far so good. If you want to install it, you can install it in the WordPress Plugins back office. Just search for the spam hammer plugin and hit install.

What You Should Look For In A Web Host (part 2 of a series about web hosting for small businesses)

Okay it took a while, but here is the second post in my series about web hosting. In case you missed the first post, here is the first post about small business web hosting. Now that you know why you need a web host, you need to know what you should look for in a web host. You should first look at the uptime the web host promises.You don’t want your website to be down when you finally get the ideal visitor to your small business site. Uptime simply refers to the amount of time your website will be up. Ideally that will be 100% but realistically that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes things beyond a web hosting company’s control causes the hosting to be knocked out for a while. You want to try to find out how long it takes the hosting company to recover when things go wrong. See if you can talk to current customers to find out about the hosting company you want to use. Check out the reviews online about the hosting company you want to use. Do your due diligence to pick out a reliable web host for your small business. That’s all for this post. The next post will discuss another important aspect of picking a good web host: Ease of Use.

Why You Need A Web Host (first in a series about web hosting)

Well I had a client request an article about web hosting. The client decided that they didn’t want the article after all, so I decided to turn the article into a series here on my blog. So the first article in the series will explain why you need a web host. Now I realize you have many free options if you want to publish a website. You can use weebly or you can use a free wordpress blog. The problem with those types of sites is that it makes you look unprofessional. Why would you expect your clients to fork over money for your products or services if you won’t even pay for your web hosting. Not to mention many of the free web hosts restrict what you can do with your website. Some won’t allow you to sell advertising. Others won’t allow you to post affiliate links. If you plan on making money with your website, you need a hosting service that won’t restrict how you can earn an income with your site. Also free sites have been known to arbitrarily delete sites. Do you really want the website that you spent your time creating to be gone in an instant? Think about these things when you are making your decision about whether or not you want to go with a paid web hosting provider or a free one. I hope you choose a paid one. The next post in this series will discuss things you should look for in a web hosting company.