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CDL Practice Test – Offers Practice Tests To Prepare For The CDL Exam
By John Lewis

As you take CDL practice test, you do become more
familiar with the CDL test, and being familiar
with the test will make the actual test much less

In fact, if used correctly, CDL practice test
can be an extremely targeted study tool that
will precisely pinpoint the areas in which you
are weakest and then help you to learn how to
combat and overcome those weaknesses.

What if you take a CDL practice test and get 20
questions wrong, and your errors span a large
number of different topics, from General
Knowledge to Hazmat?

Well, you should take your test and study it.
Identify every question you got wrong, figure
out why you got it wrong, and then teach
yourself what you should have done to get the
question right.

Tips for Taking CDL Practice Test

Read the question carefully before you begin
eliminating answers.

Make sure you understand what you are being
asked and specifically look out for the word
‘NOT’ in the question.

The questions in the test are not arranged in
order of difficulty. So answer the questions you
know first and skip the questions of which you
are unsure for later.

Make sure you read through every answer even if
you are sure the first or second is correct.

As you go through each answer, cross through the
ones that you know are incorrect. If you have
four possible answers and you can eliminate two
you’ve increased your odds for a correct answer
to 50%.

Your first guess is usually right unless you are
sure you have answered incorrectly.

One method for ‘guessing’ is to choose the
longest answer choice.

Pay close attention to the grammar of the
question that it matches the answer you’ve

If opposite answers are given as choices, one of
them is often the right answer.

CDL Practice Test – offers practice tests to prepare for the CDL exam.

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