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Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey Mikeworth

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mickey Mikeworth about wealth and teaching young people about money. She also has a speaking tour coming up about the 10 Habits of Prosperity Minded People. Her interview is below:

Me: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background.
Mickey: I have been teaching inner-city youth about the joys of wealth for 13 years. I believe that education is a huge tool in ending generational poverty and in building the next generation of entrepreneurs. Learning about money is not a task that today’s youth want to avoid. They are totally tuned into learning about money because they understand that money does “stuff” and the reality is clear that the “stuff” that money can do is a big part of how the economy will hold up in future generations.
I was once a welfare mom struggling to make end meet. I know firsthand the inside despair that can come from being broke every day and the benefits of making your own way in the world as an entrepreneur. I own a private consulting firm and I am a thriving speaker and trainer. I have an unusual and refreshing view on how many positive ways youth can interact with money.

Me: What is the biggest lesson you can teach youth about money?
Mickey: The biggest lesson I like to teach is that money only has one purpose- it buys CHOICE: it will gives everyone a choice of what they eat, how they dress, and how far they will be able to travel. Money cannot see your race, age, or gender, and it follows the same rules for everyone.
And- everyone likes more choices.

Me: How can my readers teach their kids about money?
Mickey: Instead of just allowing them to play at making money like in a video game like Zoo Tycoon give them real opportunities to make, manage, and invest their dollars into the economy. Walk them through the process of starting a business, babysitting, or the old fashioned lawn mowing jobs. Then use the process and the paydays as times to teach other money lessons like budgeting and investing in the things they really want.
The internet has also made a huge space for young entrepreneurs to take flight. My son started selling books on eBay and Amazon and learned how to make extra pocket money even when unemployment for teens was almost 25% in the inner city. He went to family and neighbors and asked if they had any books they didn’t want and then he used his spare time to load them up online and place them for sale on the internet. “He had a huge coup when the church garage sale was over and the pastor called and asked if he wanted all the leftover books.” “He was dragging boxes on a broken wagon tied to his bike for hours smiling as if each box was filled with piles of money.”

Me: How can my readers get in touch with you?
Mickey: They can find me on LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/mickeymikeworth

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