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  2. Working at home can be a blessing or a curse; having done it for 22 years, I’ve learned some lessons. Here’s a critical one: your home office is your home as well; for family members, it’s purely a sanctuary and often their means to separate from their work environment. Make sure you keep the 2 separate: don’t have work-related materials strewn around the house. Don’t be in ‘work mode’ in every room – keep it in your defined working space, whether a room, a corner or the front seat of your car.

    • Andrea, you just spoke a mouthful. Just because you mix work and home doesn’t mean the rest of the family has to. Great comment.

  3. Hello, Deanna:

    Working from home with today’s opportunities and available technology just makes perfect sense. Andrea made some very valid points. You have to take your business seriously and make sure the rest of the family does too. Also, it may sound funny, but when it’s time for work, dress for it. It really changes your attitude when you go from doing business in your underwear (as so many gurus like to have you picture) to dressing for business as if you were meeting clients. You are, afterall, meeting clients on the phone, IM, and maybe even video! I think it’s important to feel confident and in control even from the home office.

    You never know who might request an impromptu video conference! LOL!

    I’m happy to congratulate you on a whopping 500 posts! Way to go!

    Much success,


    • Deborah, good point as well. I have noticed that I am more productive on the days that I can “dress up” than I am when I have to dress down (to avoid getting spit up on my good clothes).

  4. Deanna,
    Wow – 500 posts! You are certainaly offering some valuable tips and ideas to help people find a viable way to work at home. It is very important for people to check out the business, make sure it is legitimate and it has been around for awhile and will be able to last.

    • Thanks Dr. Erica! That’s the idea. I hope to help people avoid falling for scams when looking for work from home opportunities.