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Organic vs. Inorganic Twitter List Building — 3 Comments

  1. this is great to know about organic and inorganic ,twitter is just awesome to promote business and to build network.thanks!

  2. That was a very simple and straight-forward explanation of organic vs automated follower list building. It’s good to know that there are others in the Twitter community who still have the good old-fashioned values of meeting people and being “real”! Sometimes I feel like I’m on an island of robots! But the benefits of building your following manually and meeting people first-hand far outweigh any of the schemes that we commonly see. People, do you want to know what the REAL secret “short-cut” is to Twitter following fame? Here it is:
    1. Realize that there is no short-cut
    2. Work your rear end off, and become a contributor
    (Adapted from the man himself, Gary Vaynerchuk)