Small Business Tips For Women – Key Ways to Make Your Small Business a Successful One

Females are running small businesses at high rates lately. Perhaps it is the fact that the job market is less than favorable right now. Maybe it is because companies are expecting people to work more hours for less pay. Maybe it is because women are tired of spending all those hours away from home while someone else raises their children. Whatever the motivation, women are becoming small business owners more and more frequently. Here are some tips to help women run successful small businesses.

Small Business Tips – Ways to Save Money On Your Daily Business Purchases

School starting this early has gotten me behind schedule with my blog posting. Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week. Enjoy today’s post.

Small business owners worry about cash flow when times are tough like everyone else. This is a valid concern because small business owners have more responsibility than people that are just employees. Entrepreneurs are sometimes responsible for payroll, supplies, and benefits for their employees. In addition to these responsibilities, they have to buy the things they need for their own household to run smoothly. Just like you can save money on your household purchases, you can save money on the purchases you make for your business. The rest of this article will show you how you can save money on your daily small business purchases.

Review of Strategic Business Tips from Kim Beasley

After completing a business makeover with her own business, Kim Beasley decided to provide the same type of service to others. The specialties that Kim brings to the table are:

* Bachelor in Human Resource Management with emphasis in Organizational Development
* MBA in eBusiness with emphasis in Technical Project Management
* 10+ years of experience in Corporate America
* 5+ years as an entrepreneur
* Involvement with online businesses for since the mid 90s
Kim is the owner of several businesses but this is the one I picked to highlight for her insights and ideas to help you start and grow your small business.