What not to do when you have a bone to pick with a customer.

I originally found out about this story via the Georgia Social Media Moms Facebook group.
What follows is the original comment which I copied and pasted from the group:

Tiffany Wood Wong
Would love to know what all of you social media gurus think about this. Locally owned restaurant in Atlanta took it upon themselves to post a picture of a customer and call her out for not tipping yesterday, in addition to some choice words about her personally. Their defense is that it is their page and their forum. There are quite a few people getting laughs out of it and encouraging it. Are my social media standards off, is it somehow socially acceptable, just because it’s social media and it’s *your* page? I never, under any circumstances, post anything negative on my biz pages. Especially in regards to our customers.

Characteristics of An Effective Entrepreneur

Before a doctor diagnoses a specific disease, his patient must undergo a series of laboratory exams and assessments. He has to know the history of his patient and how lifestyle affected his present health problem. As results come in, that would be an indication of the time when a physician gives specific drugs and therapies for maintenance. This will eventually contribute to the level of optimum health for that individual. If all else fails, the process will be repeated again.

What does independence mean to you?

As an entrepreneur, what does independence mean to you? In America, we celebrate Independence day on every July 4th. We celebrate the day we got our independence from Britain. This holiday always makes me think about independence on an individual level. First of all how do you even know when you are independent? What does that really mean. I can tell you what it means to me. In my opinion independence means that you are self reliant. It means that no matter what happens you can find a way to get the things in life that you need. If that means you work two part time jobs until you can find a decent full time job you do that. If it means you do various freelance projects while you build a thriving coaching business, you do that. An independent person is not going to just sit down and let circumstances dictate what happens to them. Now being independent does not mean that you do this all alone. You should have a team of people ready to help you if you need it. Never be afraid to ask for help. Independence just means that you do not sit around and wait on someone else to make an opportunity for you. You go and make it yourself.