Plan for a crowd when you use deal sites

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I know there have already been lots written about deal sites such as groupon. I just want to remind you to PLAN before you put up a deal on a site like groupon. This can be a chance for your business to shine or it can be a chance to ruin your reputation with new clients. Be sure you have enough staff on hand to handle the increased business. Make sure that you are clear on the terms of your deal and how it can be redeemed. You don’t want to wind up like Posh Nails getting bad publicity because you treated your groupon customers poorly. Remember that people don’t have to take poor treatment lying down. They can retaliate by reporting what you did to them like this blogger did here: http://mommytalkshow.com/product-review-2/i-want-a-refund-from-groupon-after-posh-nails-spa-in-buckhead-treated-me-this-way/. In this day in age you don’t know who has thousands of twitter followers or hundreds of friends on Facebook to either rave or rant about you to.

List Building

How Can I Build My Email List?

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I’m a member of a lot of business related Facebook groups. That’s a good way to connect with people that are interested in what you are interested in. One of the groups I am involved in, Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs is extremely active with people asking lots of business related questions. I have to sometimes pull myself away from the group’s page or I’ll spend all day on there helping out with this or that question related to small business. One question made me want to write a blog post so I didn’t crowd the group or take over the conversation. So here’s the question that started it all (I will also link to the person that asked the question as well as the person that answered the question):