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Every small business owner could use more traffic to their websites. Social media traffic is especially valuable as that is usually from real live human beings in real time. There is a social media exchange site that can help you get traffic to your social media profiles. Basically you like or google + sites that are interesting to you in exchange for credits that you can use to get traffic to your own social media profiles. It’s free to try it. Check it out and let me know what you think by clicking on the word social media exchange in this post.

Some things you should leave to professionals-electric work is one of those things

Electric Pole

Only qualified professionals should handle electric work

I know there are a lot of things that we can do ourselves. We can do our own taxes. We can write our own content. We can manage our own blogs. We can cook our own food. We can make our clothes. We can even make our own bath and body products. However, there are some things that we simply should not try on our own. Fooling around with the wiring in our homes is one of those things. Whenever you have electrical work to do you should consult a professional. is a website you can go to if you want to find someone to do electrical work in the Austin, TX area. If you are in other parts of the world just Google electrician + your location to find an electrician.

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Guest Post By Scott Hersh-PayPal Vs Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Processing Options For New Businesses

PayPal vs. Processing Credit Cards for New Online Businesses
New businesses are not only challenged with the question of how to make money, they also need to figure out the best way to process the transactions. I hope that this post will help you to make a good decision as to the best way for your small business to process transactions.
How Credit Card Processing Works
There are three separate expenses incurred by businesses who accept credit card payments, they are:
The cost of machinery- A simple hand-held credit card processing machine is likely to cost $50 per month to rent. The more advanced pieces of machinery obviously cost more.
The monthly rate paid per credit card company- Upon processing any transaction of a credit card company (such as Visa) that company charges the business a flat monthly rate. That flat rate could be about $10-$20. If you consider processing a few different types of credit cards, those flat monthly rates can get expensive. . The business only pays for months that they process a transaction through that credit card company. As a result, there are small businesses that refuse to take certain types of cards, not because they don’t have the ability to process them, but rather because it is just not worth it to pay the flat monthly fee.
The rate charged by credit card companies per transaction- Credit card companies usually take a percentage out of each purchase as a processing fee, much like PayPal does. The rates that PayPal, and other similarly low fuss money processing services, charge per percent of the transaction are higher than what the credit companies charge if you work with them directly. The reason that working with credit card companies rather than PayPal can be more expensive is due to the two previously listed reasons. Therefore, using services like PayPal or Google Checkout is cheaper for businesses that are just getting started out, and don’t have much income yet. This will be explained further in the next paragraph.

Why “Google It” Is Never The Proper Response On Social Media

I spend a lot of time actually reading people’s posts on social media sites. Sometimes I’ll see them post something that is different from what I’ve read on three or four other different sites already. So quite naturally I’ll ask them for links to prove or validate what they have said. Too often they will respond with, “Google it.”. I’m always amazed when people do that. That is such an inappropriate response. Here’s why. When someone is asking you for links to back up what you are saying, you get the opportunity to show off your expertise. Of course I can look anything up on Google that I want to. However, if you are claiming to be an expert at XYZ, you should be able to provide me with proof to back up what you are saying, especially if it is different from what trusted sources are saying. Never pass up an opportunity to show your social media network that you are the real McCoy.


Okay so I’m always on the lookout for more business related forums to post on. That’s part of my strategy to keep my sites insulated from whatever craziness Google will come up with next. So far I like what I see. My only complaint is that you have to wait to get a signature. I think they do that to cut down on spammy posts. Overall I think this is a good place to hang out if you want a change of pace from the business forums you usually visit. Check it out for yourself by going to

Guest article: How to Generate New Leads Online Using Local Web Marketing

How to Generate New Leads Online Using Local Web Marketing

By Jake Keystone

If you’re a small business owner you need to set up a local listings account on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It’s one of the best ways to generate more leads, prospects, and customers!

The local listings directories have been around for only the last couple of years, and can provide you with quick, easy, and free direct response advertising for your business.

Best of all, after you setup your accounts, you’ll be able to include a direct link to your website or landing page, your direct email address, your physical address, your phone & fax numbers, and much, much more.

Blog Action Day 2010 Is Coming On October 15th.

Quick announcement for you!

I wanted to let you know about an important online event I’m taking part in on October 15th, called Blog Action Day.

Each year bloggers from more than 100 countries come together and blog about a single important issue, and this year’s topic is clean water.

The event includes thousands of blogs – including the White House blog and The Official Google Blog – and they’re looking for as many blogs to participate as possible, regardless of their size and focus.

I hope you’ll think about joining me for this event.

Video: Gmail introduces-Priority Inbox

I always complain about how google does stuff. However, this time I think they are on to something. They are rolling out this priority inbox feature for select gmail users (don’t ask me how they determine who gets to test it first). I saw the notice when I went to check my email earlier today. They have even created a cute youtube video explaining how to use it. Here is the video. I just had to share it as an example of a good way to use video in your business.