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My latest kindle book -Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer (2012 version) is live

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I’m so excited! I’ve been working on the update for my book – Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer and the kindle version is ready for purchase now!
I’m doing this launch in phases. I’m launching the kindle version first and then I’ll launch the print version a little later. The reason is that the kindle version was easier for me to format. Stay tuned for the physical version (for my old school friends that like turning the pages)…

You can pick up your copy of Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer (2012 version) by clicking on the title – Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer.


What I’ve learned from trying to blog everyday

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I’m trying to blog everyday as part of a challenge issued by a marketer affectionately known as Dr. Mani. He challenged his subscribers to blog everyday. I’ve learned that this is a hard task. I’ve got a toddler and an erratic work schedule at my regular job. That makes it tough for me to schedule a set time to blog. Like right now, I’m so sleepy I’m about to fall asleep while typing this, but it is important to me to get back into my rhythm of publishing regularly (I slid into publishing whenever I felt like it after my daughter was born). So even though I’m sleepy, I have decided to write about something. Accountability is also important. If I hadn’t promised to Dr. Mani that I would blog everyday it would be really easy for me to just eat my dinner, play with my daughter and go to bed. So that’s my post for today. I know it’s not long. I’ll try to do better later in the week. *yawn* Good night.


Video: Why Rewrite PLR?

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I can send you to two places to get good PLR content.
The first one is and the second one is my site, Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer. My site is still fairly new so I’m adding stuff to it on a weekly basis. When you register for a membership you’ll be the first to know when new stuff comes out.