Business Litigation Attorney In Tampa

It is inevitable. If you open a business, at some point you will get sued. People seem to think that if you have a business, you have money. You should always have a business litigation attorney on retainer. Even if you are a brand new business, it is a good idea to have a relationship with a business litigation attorney Tampa business owners be proactive so if something does happen, you can be ready.

Business Litigation Attorney Tampa

Why social media is my favorite form of Internet Marketing by DeAnna Troupe

Why Social Media Is My Favorite Form Of Internet Marketing

by DeAnna Troupe
I write a lot about social media. I probably beat the topic to death. I can’t help it. Social media simply rocks for me. It’s the best thing that happened to the Internet since Al Gore invented it. 🙂
All kidding aside, I will explain why I love social media so much in this blog post.

The Power of Partnering-Guest Blog Post By Liz Lynch

While many of us who start our own businesses or who become solo professionals value our independence, we quickly find more value in having people at our side to give us extra strength, visibility and insight in the market. And so we get out there both in person and online to network and build relationships.

It’s great to meet new people and learn what they do, and it’s even more exciting when you can find a great deal of synergy between your goals and theirs. This is when you can start to explore referral partnerships or strategic alliances.