My thoughts about the Allow You To Pour Me Into You Event

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This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a different type of event. The whole idea behind this event was for us to allow ourselves a chance to get pampered. This is important, especially for small business owners because we typically wear all the hats in our business. We usually spend so much time taking care of others that we neglect taking care of our own needs. I really enjoyed this opportunity to fellowship with other entrepreneurs in a safe environment without having to worry about the endless pitches. It was nice to just hang out and really build relationships with other small business owners. That is the bottom line. It’s great to meet new people but if all you’re doing is meeting new people and not building relationships with them, you’re wasting your time. While you’re out networking make sure to spend some time with the people you’ve already met. No one can refer you business if they don’t get a sense of the REAL you. That can only happen if you step away from the virtual world and spend some time networking in the real world. I am going to leave you with some photos and videos from the event. If you want to attend the next event, please be sure to follow this page on Facebook: Ceremony At "Allow Me To Pour Into You"

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Review of Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs Meet And Greet

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Okay so last week I went to a meet and greet hosted by Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs. What a blast! The food was great! The location was convenient (close to a MARTA station). The food was fabulous. I made a ton of new connections and of course it was a blast to meet the people that I converse with daily on Facebook. If you’re a female business owner, you need to make it your business to become a part of this group. It’s so much more than just Facebook. Here’s the link to the Facebook group – Also if you want even more, there’s a paid membership site over on ning which is located here –


My thoughts about the Atlanta Content Strategy Meetup Group

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Ok I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions at all. I’ve been meaning to get out to some more local networking events. I found myself going to these types of things less after Hailey was born. Well this past Thursday I went to a social hosted by the Atlanta Content Strategy Meetup Group. I had a really good time and I met some people that I hope to build some business relationships with in the future. It didn’t go near as bad as I thought it would (Hey, I’ve been out of circulation for a loooong time.) Anyway here are a couple of photos from the event: