Business Litigation Attorney In Tampa

It is inevitable. If you open a business, at some point you will get sued. People seem to think that if you have a business, you have money. You should always have a business litigation attorney on retainer. Even if you are a brand new business, it is a good idea to have a relationship with a business litigation attorney Tampa business owners be proactive so if something does happen, you can be ready.

Business Litigation Attorney Tampa

The power of having tribes

In my last post I wrote about the misfortune that befell a company called Boner’s BBQ. A small group of 100+ managed to get negative coverage in traditional media regarding this story. This speaks to the power of having a tribe of followers behind you. How do you develop this tribe? The best way is to join a group of people that share your beliefs and start building a relationship with them. This means that you share what they publish. You have conversations with the people in your potential tribe on twitter and Facebook. This process will take time, but if done right, you’ll build a close knit group of people that will be happy to share what you publish.

Cross Blog Conversation with Connie Ragen Green re: using twitter to harvest new affiliates

I came across this blog post from one of my friends, Connie Ragen Green posted about people using twitter to harvest new affiliates. Instead of just leaving a comment, I decided to write my own blog post about the topic.