My thoughts about the Allow You To Pour Me Into You Event

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a different type of event. The whole idea behind this event was for us to allow ourselves a chance to get pampered. This is important, especially for small business owners because we typically wear all the hats in our business. We usually spend so much time taking care of others that we neglect taking care of our own needs. I really enjoyed this opportunity to fellowship with other entrepreneurs in a safe environment without having to worry about the endless pitches. It was nice to just hang out and really build relationships with other small business owners. That is the bottom line. It’s great to meet new people but if all you’re doing is meeting new people and not building relationships with them, you’re wasting your time. While you’re out networking make sure to spend some time with the people you’ve already met. No one can refer you business if they don’t get a sense of the REAL you. That can only happen if you step away from the virtual world and spend some time networking in the real world. I am going to leave you with some photos and videos from the event. If you want to attend the next event, please be sure to follow this page on Facebook: Ceremony At "Allow Me To Pour Into You"

Are you protecting your most valuable asset-your skin?

As small business owners we lead very busy lives. We get so busy trying to take care of other people that we ignore our own health. Your skin is something you should take very good care of. Healthy skin is the foundation of a beautiful appearance. If your skin isn’t healthy, it shows. No matter how much makeup you put on, unhealthy skin is extremely obvious. Along with an attorney, an accountant, and a doctor you should have a good dermatologist on your team of professionals. What are some things your dermatologist should be able to help you with? I am so glad you asked that question. Here is a small sampling of things your dermatologist can help you with:

Thrifty Cooking Tips

It is important for small business owners to save money on food. A lot of times money is tight for small business owners. One good way to do save money on food is to cook more of your meals. There are lots of ways you can cook good meals for your family with a limited budget. The rest of this article will give you some thrifty cooking tips.

Why SOPA is a scary bill

Okay unless you have been under a rock this week, I am sure you have heard the noise about SOPA. I’m not going to repeat what SOPA is because mashable already did an excellent job of explaining SOPA here: What will this mean for small business owners? Well if the sites that you use to get traffic from go down, how will you promote yourself? If SOPA passes, every file sharing site you can think of would have to shut down because they could be sued for facilitating copyright infringement. I know some of the supporters have pulled support away from this bill – However, the main supporter still thinks this is a good idea (don’t know why) – So keep contacting your representatives. It looks like this battle is not quite over.

Small Biz Building In 2012 Event

I’ve just found out about a great event for female small business owners. It’s designed to help you grow your business. There is a cost to attend if you are not already a paying member of the Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs group. The workshops include:
Revenue Planning, Time Management, and Branding. Tickets cost $10 if you are not a member of the Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs group and it is free if you are a paying member. To register for the event, go here: If you want to become a member of Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs, go here:

Looking For Affordable SEO Work? Look No Further Than

Many small business owners struggle to find reliable and affordable SEO work. Some feel they have to rely on fiverr or use workers in other companies to achieve this goal. I have found a site that is good for both the service provider and the small business owner looking for SEO work. Enter SEOclerks. This site allows the service provider to charge whatever fee they see fit. Why is this good for the small business owner? You will definitely get the service provider’s best work since they can actually charge a liveable rate. Don’t take my word for it.  Click on the words affordable SEO work today and get some of that work done that you have been putting off.

Guest Blog Post By Kavin Matthews-How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?

How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?


Just like the consumers many business owners also find themselves in debt. There can be many reasons for which small business owners incur huge debts such as, unexpected large expenses, expansion or poor management. When your debt balance over exceeds the revenue, you must look for some other means to become stress free. Otherwise, your debts will become totally unmanageable and the credit collectors will put a pressure on you. They will call you frequently, take stringent actions to harass you or even sue you. Unfortunately there many business owners who are often found to refrain from seeking help because of the feeling of failure or embarrassment to their competitors. Thus, try to gain knowledge about the two common business debt options so that, you’re able to choose the suitable one to become debt free.

Interview with Alicia Castillo

Alicia Castillo     1.Why did you produce these videos? I made these videos so people could have easy access to information they needed that was clear, street smart, and academically sound. I’m an academic, I do research on finance, but I also want to make it real, so I went out and started my company, raised the funds, exited, and I invest some times. I am sad by the lack of real information that abounds, where either people with not theoretical background or real experience claim to be experts. This causes a lot of confusion and wasted time and energy. The video is available on amazon and anybody in the USA can watch it for less than 2 bucks. I think it is wonderful. Here is the link: 2.Are we beyond the million dollar ideas? No way! The financial crisis was a good thing because it brought back some common sense about effort and rewards, but there is capital around and not many people are looking at creating large companies or companies that would have a large impact on the local economy. The main problem is that good ideas are not opportunities, and many opportunities don’t get funded because they are not well presented. As a customer I want better services and products, and as a citizen I want a healthier economy, with real jobs and good investment opportunities. Otherwise I’ll never be able to enjoy retirement! 3.
Why is this useful for small business owners? I started a small business in the 80s, but I was a scientist then and I had no interest in the business world, I just wanted to supplement my income. Then I did an MBA at Babson College and I realized that the amount of effort I put in the company needed only to be a little larger to create a huge difference. You see, it takes a huge amount of effort to start and manage a small company. Compared to that it takes a small effort to grow it. If we grow it, we can work better because we can focus on what we enjoy doing and delegate to good employees because we can afford to pay appropriate salaries. Also we can exit. 4.Have you raised capital yourself? Yes, I’ve created 9 companies, sold 5, had to close 2 –losing money- and have 2 open at the moment. I’ve used many funding mechanisms, including raising the money for a venture capital fund, which was a lot of very rewarding work. So, I’ve been in both ends, receiving and providing funds. I have also used my own money, family and friends, debt, angel investors and grants. And I also used a method that I called capital-less funding. It is doable. 5.Isn’t it hard to balance a small business and life? Yes it is, very hard. I was a single mum living in a foreign country and failure was not an option. But I did not want to live like that forever. It had to be a better way, and my effort had to be worth it. Then I decided that I had to create something larger, not by doing more but by doing things differently. I had to learn to delegate and supervise, take time off and collaborate. That is hard to do one failure is not an option, and that is why funding is important. It helps you get a different perspective and think like an owner, not buy yourself a job. 6. Are you writing a book? Yes, absolutely… and it is coming at the end of the year. LOTS of interesting stuff, clear advice, and good sound base. That is the way I write. People can also get a freebie on my site: Lessons learned as a Venture Capitalist. I think we need to get out of the survival mentality and grow our businesses, there are ample of new opportunities, new countries entering the global economy and we have still much to offer. Alicia Castillo

Small Business Tips For Women – Key Ways to Make Your Small Business a Successful One

Females are running small businesses at high rates lately. Perhaps it is the fact that the job market is less than favorable right now. Maybe it is because companies are expecting people to work more hours for less pay. Maybe it is because women are tired of spending all those hours away from home while someone else raises their children. Whatever the motivation, women are becoming small business owners more and more frequently. Here are some tips to help women run successful small businesses.