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How To Change The Settings On Your Facebook Newsfeed (desktop)

For some reason, the smart folks at Facebook seem to think that we want our newsfeed to be on Top Stories instead of most recent.  They are sneaky and will change your settings to Top Stories even if you have it set to most recent. They do this several times a day. So here is how you change your settings to Most recent if you find out they have changed your settings AGAIN. These instructions are for the desktop site. I haven’t figured out how to do it on the mobile app yet. I’ll make another post once I figure that one out.

How You Can Use Facebook Groups To Get More Clients

Social media is a great platform to gain new clientele. Facebook groups filled with writers are a good place to start. Within these groups you will find others within your niche and those that require your specific skill set. This can lead to long term relationships, guest blogging opportunities, and referrals being sent your way.

Networking With Bloggers In Facebook Groups

Getting to know a few bloggers is a good thing. Each blogger has their own approach as to how to be successful. Sharing tips with each other is a helpful way to build a solid reputation in a group. This can lead to guest blogging opportunities. Most blogs ask for an author bio, within this bio you can add a link to your own blog. Those that read the entry are welcome to contact you directly for your writing or business services.

What to do if you wind up in Facebook jail.

Well I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I wound up in Facebook jail. They prevented me from adding new friends or sending messages to people that weren’t already on my friends list. This created a major headache this past week because I use Facebook primarily for business. I get a lot of writing work through Facebook and it was a hassle not being able to add people to my friend list or contact them.

My Thoughts On The New Facebook Timeline

Normally when Facebook makes wide sweeping changes I don’t like them. Usually when they make these changes, it makes Facebook worse and not better. However, I really like what they have done with the new timeline. Basically they have made it easy for people to see what you have been up to in the past. If you want to get the new timeline for your own Facebook page you can go here for instructions: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=10150408488962131

New free giveaway-Social Media Infoproducts

I’ll be really quick with this post. I want to share a new giveaway with you. All of the products in this giveaway are related to social media. To get your gift go to http://www.learnsmallbusiness.com/suggests/socialmediagiveaway today. Do it soon. This won’t last forever!

Looking for interview subjects about social networking

Hi!  I’m looking for entrepreneurs to interview that have had success with social media. I’m creating an infoproduct about this topic.  I’d like to show case studies of real people that have had success with social networking.   I just get so sick of hearing people say social networking doesn’t work, when I know it works for lots of people.  You don’t have to have made $1,234,567 bucks on twitter or have gained 100,000 subscribers overnight in order to qualify.

Using Social Networking to Market Your Company

Vermont Brownie Company’s Katherine Hayward and Shawna Lidsky look for tips on how to use social networking to expand your business. Experts say you should take 80% of your profits and invest it back in your marketing and that marketing needs to be balanced with
social media and public relations.

Watch this FoxBusinessNetwork video:

It is suggested that you try finding other people who are talking about like products and engage them to expand your network.