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Challenge the Mindset

One of the key factors most successful people attribute to their success is their mindset. Our fears, limiting beliefs, negativity, and lack of confidence can all prevent or hinder us from achieving our greatest dreams. However, challenging your mindset may be the greatest achievement of your life. Here’s why you want to challenge your mindset and some food for thought.

Do you fear change?


Building Your Freelance Portfolio

Your freelance portfolio is perhaps on of your biggest selling points. Depending on the type of service provider you are, you’ll want to put a few different elements into it. Here’s a list of some items to include in your freelance portfolio:

Samples – This is particularly important if you are a graphic designer, a writer, or some other type of artist. Clients want to see what you’re capable of. This may include scanned copies of articles or graphics you’ve done for the print industry.


Building Networking Skills in Easy Steps

In today’s economy, a lot of us are looking for work. One of the best way to find new employment is by networking with friends and colleagues. For shy or inexperienced folks, this exercise can be daunting. Here are some helpful tips for developing your networking skills.

1) Create a target list of people to contact and set contact goals. The list can include family, friends, and neighbors; colleagues; professors and alumni from schools you’ve attended; vendors and salespeople; members of organizations you belong to or volunteer with; other professionals (e.g., accountants, doctors, real estate agents, hair stylists); and bloggers and members of online groups and communities.


Affiliate Newbie? – Tips to Get You Started

If you’re looking to build an online business, you can’t go wrong with affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to build an online income and work from home. It’s extremely low risk and it’s easy to learn. Here are a few tips to get you started.

#1 Choose an affiliate niche topic you’re interested in. You’re going to be writing, thinking about, planning and talking your topic for as long as you own your business, so it helps if you enjoy your topic.

#2 Choose affiliate programs that have a solid reputation for:


Day 7 Of Coach Glue’s Special Summer Deal Of The Day


“Money Mindset to Help You Soar”

Entrepreneurship probably isn’t always what your clients dreamed it would be.
Spending their days in an office of one with no one to talk to but the dog can take a toll on their sanity.
Worse, those less-than-supportive voices in their head keep telling them that they’ll never live up to their dream of being that coach, the one everyone turns to for help, and who’s paid really well for simply offering their opinions.


Day 6 of Coach Glue’s Special Summer Deal Giveaway:Create a Low – Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income

black women on tablets
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If there’s one thing nearly all coaches have in common, it’s that they truly want to make a difference in the lives of others.
Health coaches are passionate about helping others lose weight and get fit.
Mindset coaches want nothing more than for their clients to find their confidence and self-worth.
Business coaches thrive when their clients find their money-making groove.

But there’s a problem. Coaching is – by its very nature – a time-intensive endeavor.
That means you know that YOUR clients can only serve a limited number of people, and the only way they can have a greater impact is to work more.
But smart coaches (like your clients) are turning to a better, easier coaching model so they can…


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“Ecourse Creation Blueprint”

Yes. The money is definitely in the list. I think we can all agree on that.

But does that mean that if your clients have a mailing list with a few hundred people (or even less) on it, then there’s no hope for them? Are they forced to devote every minute to:


Small Business Owners-Stop Being The Best Kept Secret: Showcase Your Expertise With This Planner (Coupon Code)

I’ve been taking  my usual break between my birthday and the 4th of July weekend, so that’s why you haven’t seen too many posts. However, the ladies at Coach Glue forced me to comblack woman leads classe out of my hiatus. They brought back one of their planners, Showcase Your Expertise, so I had to come and tell you guys about it. You may be wondering why it’s so important to show people what you know. It’s really simple. When you’re online, people don’t know you from Eve. People come online making all sorts of claims with no proof to back it up. If you want people to do business with you, you need to show them that you know what you know. They won’t believe you just because YOU say it. This planner will help you. Here’s what the planner covers:


How to know when it’s time to raise your prices.

black women on tabletsSo my fb friend, Lorraine Kamesha posted an interesting question on her  page. It actually prompted this post. Her question was, “How do you know when it’s time to increase your rates?” My initial reply was whenever you want more money. lol But then when I really started thinking about it, I came up with other things that could indicate that it is time to raise your prices.