My thoughts about the Allow You To Pour Me Into You Event

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a different type of event. The whole idea behind this event was for us to allow ourselves a chance to get pampered. This is important, especially for small business owners because we typically wear all the hats in our business. We usually spend so much time […]

Update on audio/videos made by me (audio included)

Okay so my daughter turns two in a couple of days. That prompted me to record a little update/warning for you guys. Yes, I plan to do more with audio and video than I have been doing. It may not be perfect and you’ll probably hear her in the background. If I try to wait […]

Virtual Assistants: What is PLR and How Can it Help you to Get More Clients?-Guest Post By Nicole Dean

Today you guys are fortunate enough to read a guest post by one of my buddies, Nicole Dean. This will be all about helping virtual assistants understand plr. Enjoy ***start guest post** Here’s a question that I received today. I thought it was such a valuable question that I wanted to share my response. Dear […]

Small Business Owners-How To Embed A Youtube Video In Your Small Business Blog

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you will notice that from time to time I will put a video up instead of just text. I’ll bet you were wondering how I did that. Youtube makes it really easy to embed videos into wordpress. In fact, today’s post is a tutorial […]

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