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Article: Business Planning For Small Business

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Business Planning For Small Business

By Jordi Shoman

Small businesses that need very little capital to get started rarely have a business plan in place. This is because the owners do not see any need to go to this trouble when they don’t need to borrow funds. Just like you use a financial planner when you make investments, you can also use available expert advice to help you get started with writing a business plan. The most common type of business plan for small businesses is the start up plan, but there are other types, such as a feasibility plan or an investment plan.

The most common mistake that small business owners make with their business plans is putting them on the back burner. They never seem to have time for this important aspect of business and are always looking for ways to grow their business instead. Many businesses only sit down to write a business plan when they are forced to look for expansion funding and find that lenders won’t even talk to them about borrowing without one. There is no such thing as being too busy for this part of the business because it is one of the essential elements.

Profit and cash flow are not the same thing. A business plan will help put these terms in perspective for you. The problem with a lot of small businesses is that they think only in terms of profit and then put these profits back into the business. You don’t spend the profits in a business. Once you get established, if you have to constantly put the profits back into the business in order to keep going, then you are not making money. All you’re doing is just recycling the money and you are not making anything.

It is not hard to write a business plan, but it does require an investment of time. You won’t be able to write the plan in one sitting. Rather this is something that you develop over time and add to it as you go along. You can look at a business plan as a work in progress because even after you establish your business, you will still be making changes to your plan.

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