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Benefits of Being Interviewed On a Podcast-Last Day For Podcaster’s Kit

Podcasting is simply a way for people to have a radio show on the internet. It’s really no different than regular radio programs except that the show is delivered via the computer. There are several benefits of being interviewed on a podcast. This article will discuss a few of the benefits associated with being interviewed on a podcast.

You don’t have to travel.
When you are interviewed on a podcast you don’t have to leave your house. This saves you money on transportation and gas. You also do not have to find a babysitter if you have children. Basically one benefit of being interviewed on a podcast is that it saves you from having to travel.

It doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s an audio interview.
Since most podcasts are done in an audio format, you do not have to stress out about what you wear. You can do the interview in your pajamas and bedroom slippers if you want to and no one knows because they can not see you.

It exposes you to a broader audience.
When you are interviewed on a podcast, you get exposed to the audience of the person that hosts the podcast. They may reach a whole different audience from you. By being interviewed on their podcast, your message gets out to people that would not have heard it otherwise.

It’s a free way for you to get traffic to your website.
It typically costs you nothing to be interviewed on a podcast. You don’t have to find the fancy equipment or figure out how you are going to host the podcast. The other person hosting the podcast has taken care of all of that. All you have to do is show up. You usually get a chance to tell people about your website during your interview.

It helps solidify your position as an expert in your field.
When you are a guest on a podcast it helps to contribute to you being considered an expert in your field. People tend to believe someone more if someone else is calling them an expert. Anyone can call themselves an expert, but when someone else calls you an expert it carries more weight because another person has recognized your genius.

So now you want to be interviewed in a podcast. Great. I bet you’re wondering how to find podcasts on your niche market. You can go to www.blogtalkradio.com to find Internet radio shows.

These are great because all you have to have for these shows is a telephone.
Being interviewed in a podcast is a great opportunity for you to promote your business or service. When you are a guest on a podcast you have the opportunity to broaden your audience. Do you want more information about podcasting? Be sure to pick up a copy of this Podcaster’s Kit. (insert link to Podcaster’s Kit-mention that it is an affiliate link) It contains tons of information regarding Podcasting.