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Blogging Tip-My two cents on the nofollow attribute

I know much has been written about the follow/nofollow debate in the blogosphere. I’m going to go on and throw my two cents in on the issue. I think you should make your blog a dofollow blog. That is I think you should remove all of the nofollow tags from your blog. I mean, blogs are supposed to be interactive, right? I don’t think it’s right to reward the people that comment on your blog with a note telling google that their link should be ignored. I know I might get a google slap for saying this, but oh well, they change the rules for page rank every other minute. I’d lose my mind trying to keep up with all of that stuff. I focus more on making my blog interactive and providing good content for my readers. If you’re interested in adding the dofollow plugin to your blog go to this website: http://kimmo.suominen.com/sw/dofollow/