Book Review: Author’s Quick Guide To Marketing Your Book Online And Offline

I know what you’re thinking. DeAnna, you have a book out about marketing so why are you writing about another author’s book about marketing? You’re right, I do write about marketing in my book, Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer, however this book, Author’s Quick Guide To Marketing Your Book Online and Offline is specifically for authors. This book is much more specific than mine is so if you’re an author I suggest you read mine and read the one I’m about to discuss.

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog, you will realize that I’ve reviewed a ton of Kristen Eckstein’s books. She wrote a book every week for a certain period of time so quite naturally that intrigued me in and of itself. These are GOOD books packed with information that you can put to good use right away. So here’s what I think about the most recent one, Author’s Quick Guide To Marketing Your Book Online and Offline.

This book is a must read for authors of any level. Whether you are a brand new author or a seasoned author, you need to know how to market your book. You need to have a plan to use both online and offline methods to sell your book. When you are finished reading this book you will learn:

  • how not to be overwhelmed by book marketing
  • how to set up your amazon author central page
  • 3 key offline marketing methods
  • 11 essential elements for your author website
  • three key places to find your target market
  • the building blocks of a successful book marketing plan
  • and so much more.

The thing I liked the best was how she broke everything down into free, low cost, and high cost ideas. This was important to me because it gave people of all budgets ideas that they could implement right away when they got finished with the book. You know how important actionable content is to me. Check this and the other books out in Kristen’s Author’s Quick Guide Series by clicking on the link below (that link is an affiliate link so I’ll get paid when you buy through that link).

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