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Guest Post – Resourceful ways to market and advertise your company

These days many companies find themselves without any marketing staff. However, lots of businesses find that an efficient marketing strategy will help them weather the current economic climate.
Fortunately, for those companies that are too small to justify shelling out for marketing staff or that can’t afford to push the boat out any further, here are a few ways to get the company name out there.
Not all advertising costs a bomb and there are options literally on your doorstep for absolutely free. If done in the right manner and in the right industry, using the side of buildings you operate from can be a cost-effective way to advertise.


Where should I advertise my business?

Where Should I Advertise My Business
So last week I posted about advertising your business. If you read the comments, you’ll see where a reader asked me where to advertise. I promised a follow up post so here it goes.

You need to be clear about who you are trying to reach with your ad. What you do to advertise will vary depending on what kind of business you’re in. If you get more results from placing offline ads or doing face to face type of sales calls then do that. If you get results from online advertising, do that. If you get results from going to networking functions do that. As long as you get the word out about your business some way. It’s kind of like farming. You have to do a little bit each day with the farm in order to get a harvest.


An Ad A Day Brings Customers Your Way

Okay I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I guess I did something wrong with ping.fm. I’m still tweaking that. So today’s tip is to advertise your business everyday. Major corporations have ads on television, radio and the Internet all day, every day. You should place an ad on some venue at least once daily. More if you have the time. Your ideal client has lots of things competing for her attention. If you reach out to her multiple times, you will be more likely to get a sale than if you only post once in a blue moon or none at all. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this post and start advertising your business now.


Podcasting: A Cost Effective Way to Create & Reach an Audience

This is session three, Producing a Podcast.

The speaker discusses the best microphones to use for your podcast and also some of the best software products. He will also explain how to render the podcast into an mp3 file so you can share it with the world.


Is There A Good Way To Market Your Business? Guest Blog Post By Mitch Mitchell

Here’s another gem from my friend, Mitch Mitchell. This time he’s giving information about something all business owners have to do to grow their business-market.

Take it away, Mitch…

As a sole proprietor, I can honestly tell you that I have tried every way I can think of to market my business. I’m sure you have also, but just in case you haven’t let me go through the different ways that you can try to market your small business.


Advertising Moms on Ryze, a great network to learn how to advertise

One of the networks I’m a part of, Advertising Moms Advertising Right, had a link to an interesting article about The Pick and Peck Method of Advertising
I had to laugh at this article, because that was me during my early days of Internet Advertising.  Basically she warns against spending $5 here and $10 there on advertising.  Instead she suggests that you should stick with an advertising plan for a long period of time before deciding on whether or not it works.  I couldn’t agree more.   You have to run an ad for a while to get a good feel for whether or not that market is right for your product.  Great article!


LinkedIn Bloggers Blog Boost 9: Practical Blogging

This week's Blog is Practical Blogging. Robyn covers business and tech topics.  Some topics include social networking, blogging, advertising, podcasting and pr.  I like the colors and the fact that she has a picture on her blog and a link to her linkedin profile so you can learn more about her.  These things help me feel confident that I am not reading a splog (which is a spam blog, but that's another post).  Great blog Robyn.

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Maximizing Your Advertising Budget

Maximizing Your Advertising Budget
By Spencer Hoyt

Trying to communicate your company’s message can be quite difficult if you’re working with a limited advertising budget. One of the biggest problems with having a small budget is that reaching your audience becomes more challenging since you may have fewer opportunities to put your message out. In order to effectively get your message out you need to make creative choices when deciding which types of media to use.


Not Being Advertised…How the Advertising Business Has Changed Over Time

Not Being Advertised…How The Advertising Business Has Changed Over Time

By Allan Kalish

There are three words which often bother me. ” I remember when…..” When my peers and friends use them, I always feel like telling them to switch gears and think about today and tomorrow, not yesterday. They seldom comply. Now, having been invited to write about how the ad agency business has changed since I was in it on a day-to-day basis, I suppose I have to “remember when.”

If you remember when Channel 10 did a live, (LIVE!) daily, (DAILY!) Network (NETWORK!) show, you’re probably as old as I am.


Free Advertising Blog

Post your ads to this free advertising blog. I am still testing this out to see how effective it is.
Anyway you can test it yourself. Just click on the words free advertising blog to get to the blog.

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