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How to Balance Your Work Schedule during the Holidays

Once the holidays come around it seems schedules and staying on task fly right outside the window. Not only do you have your regular business tasks which may increase due to the holiday season, but family is often off work and out of school. And then of course there are the holiday festivities, which means preparation time. Is balance possible, or do you just throw up your arms and give into chaos? Don’t give up! Here’s how to balance your work schedule during the holidays.

Set realistic goals


Do You Earn What You Are Worth?

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to make more money if possible, and many businesses need to cut prices to get business. But, are you making what you should be making?

To find out what you’re worth, you can start by shopping around to other people who do the same things. There are lots of sites that people can use to hire businesses, and often they let you see competitor’s prices. You may also speak to potential clients and ask for what they normally pay, though many will be tempted to give you a lower rate to get a better price.


Why Honesty and Good Business Ethics Pay Off

Honesty in business is important. In the small business world, news quickly gets around about business owners who value their customers and conduct themselves in an ethical way – the same holds true for businesses that are not so ethical.

In a competitive world where small businesses need to stand out in order to survive, honesty is even more important. Here are a few tips for running an ethical and honest business:


Ways to Re-Energize Your Home Office and Yourself

When you work from home, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You get up in the morning, get your coffee, head to your office and start your day. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm for the day and thus lose a bit of energy and productivity. The good news is that sometimes all it takes is a little change in your surroundings to re-energize. Here are five tips to re-energize your home office and yourself.


Smart Ways of Turning Ideas into Action

Ideas are all around us, and nothing feels more exciting than coming up with a fantastic idea that you know will absolutely work. The difficult part for most, however, is taking those ideas and turning them into an actionable plan.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

#1 – Write out a plan of attack. You have an idea – fantastic! Now is a good time to write out a fail-proof plan of how you will act on that idea. Detail in writing how your idea will work and break down the process into small steps. Having an action plan to follow makes the process of action much easier.


Top Tips to Get Your Articles Read

Writing and creating content for your website is perhaps the single most important marketing and business-building strategy available to online business owners. However, in addition to simply creating content, you want to have your articles read. Articles that are compelling pull the visitor into your website where they’ll continue to search for more valuable content. They will begin to not only remember your website as a source of good content but also as a reliable business.

Here are five top tip tips to get your articles read:


Overcoming Time Management Obstacles in Easy Steps

Time management can be the single biggest challenge to working from home and being a successful entrepreneur. Learning to overcome these obstacles can be the key to managing and leading a successful business.

What are time management obstacles and what causes them? Many things cause time management obstacles including:

1. Perfectionism – Many people use perfectionism as a crutch; a way to stay busy doing what they know how to do and to let the rest slide. For example, you’re a skilled writer but detest accounting, which means you spend days on a sales letter and your books are so messed up you don’t know who owes you what or how much money you’re making or losing.


The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Small Business Owners

Have you ever wondered why some very smart people don’t do so well in business? And how other people with moderate intelligence succeed beyond their wildest dreams? A lot of success has nothing to do with standard intelligence but rather with what’s called Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotional intelligence, according to Merriam Webster, “describes the ability, capacity, skill or, in the case of the trait, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.”


Successful Communication Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t have the same marketing muscle as large businesses. A small business simply doesn’t have the advertising budget needed to build a “big” brand and to gain recognition in the market through that brand.

So how is a small business to compete with the “big guns?”

The answer is by utilizing effective communication strategies with their customers.

As a small business owner, communicating with your customers should be at the top of your agenda. Your customers will give you feedback which may help you improve the business. And if you use the right communication strategies you can also cement your business in their minds so that they become repeat customers.


Strategies to Lure Social Media Traffic to Your Website 

Social media is all the rage. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace have become a daily part of mainstream culture. Celebrities tweet, have Facebook pages and everyone seems to be connecting via these online mediums. Business owners are smart to tap into these tools to drive traffic to their sites, yet many are missing the mark. Here’s how to lure social media traffic to your website.