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Podcasting: A Cost Effective Way to Create & Reach an Audience

This is session three, Producing a Podcast.

The speaker discusses the best microphones to use for your podcast and also some of the best software products. He will also explain how to render the podcast into an mp3 file so you can share it with the world.


Book Review-Testosterone Free Marketing by Denise Michaels

Book Review-
Testosterone Free Marketing by Denise Michaels

Normally I don’t write gender specific posts, but
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Ladies, if you are serious about building your
business (which I know you are or you wouldn’t
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Testosterone Free Marketing by Denise Michaels.
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Are you ready for taxes yet?

Although most of you are thinking about Christmas presents and gift wrap, you should spend some time getting ready for the upcoming tax season.  Make sure to get all your records in order (if they aren’t already).  This might be a good time to investigate hiring some help.  It may take more than one person to organize your receipts for your accountant or tax preparer.  This would be the perfect task for your local virtual assistant.


Article: Business Planning For Small Business

Here’s an interesting article I found on isnare.com Enjoy.

Business Planning For Small Business

By Jordi Shoman

Small businesses that need very little capital to get started rarely have a business plan in place. This is because the owners do not see any need to go to this trouble when they don’t need to borrow funds. Just like you use a financial planner when you make investments, you can also use available expert advice to help you get started with writing a business plan. The most common type of business plan for small businesses is the start up plan, but there are other types, such as a feasibility plan or an investment plan.


Commentary on article: 5 Mistakes a small-business owner should never make

I saw an interesting article on CNN Money called 5 Mistakes a small business owner should never make. It's interesting that too little cash was the first one mentioned.  Personally I disagree with that statement.  I don't think that you should wait around until you have the perfect amount of money to start your business.  I think you should start with whatever resources you have and then build up from there.  Too many people procrastinate when it comes to starting a business.  Of course that's just my opinion…