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Window Cleaning In Miami, Florida

If there is ever a task that should be outsourced, it should be cleaning windows. Unless you happen to be a window cleaner, you aren’t getting paid when you are cleaning windows. This is doubly true if you are in a building where cleaning your windows yourself could be dangerous (like a skyscraper). Even people in residential areas can benefit from hiring a window cleaner. So outsource your window cleaning. Miami residents should click on the words window cleaning Miami to find a window cleaner in the Miami area. If you own a high rise building, you need to outsource cleaning windows worse than anybody. If you’re in Ft. Lauderdale and you need a window cleaning service, click on the words High Rise Window Cleaning to find a company that can clean your windows.


Some things you should leave to professionals-electric work is one of those things

Electric Pole
Only qualified professionals should handle electric work
I know there are a lot of things that we can do ourselves. We can do our own taxes. We can write our own content. We can manage our own blogs. We can cook our own food. We can make our clothes. We can even make our own bath and body products. However, there are some things that we simply should not try on our own. Fooling around with the wiring in our homes is one of those things. Whenever you have electrical work to do you should consult a professional.
Quantum-Electric.com is a website you can go to if you want to find someone to do electrical work in the Austin, TX area. If you are in other parts of the world just Google electrician + your location to find an electrician.


Should You Use A Cleaning Service?

Outsource your cleaning
As busy entrepreneurs, we could all use a little help at home every once in a while. That includes cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a maid service come to your house every so often? Maybe not everyday, but at least once a week. That would free you up for more billable hours. There are lots of different companies out there providing maid services. Make sure that they do background checks on all employees. You also want to choose a company that provides supplies. It is important to choose a company that will listen to what your standard of clean is. Click on the words maid service in this blog post to be taken to a maid service company that does all of these things.


Guest Post By Scott Hersh-PayPal Vs Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Processing Options For New Businesses

PayPal vs. Processing Credit Cards for New Online Businesses
New businesses are not only challenged with the question of how to make money, they also need to figure out the best way to process the transactions. I hope that this post will help you to make a good decision as to the best way for your small business to process transactions.
How Credit Card Processing Works
There are three separate expenses incurred by businesses who accept credit card payments, they are:
The cost of machinery- A simple hand-held credit card processing machine is likely to cost $50 per month to rent. The more advanced pieces of machinery obviously cost more.
The monthly rate paid per credit card company- Upon processing any transaction of a credit card company (such as Visa) that company charges the business a flat monthly rate. That flat rate could be about $10-$20. If you consider processing a few different types of credit cards, those flat monthly rates can get expensive. . The business only pays for months that they process a transaction through that credit card company. As a result, there are small businesses that refuse to take certain types of cards, not because they don’t have the ability to process them, but rather because it is just not worth it to pay the flat monthly fee.
The rate charged by credit card companies per transaction- Credit card companies usually take a percentage out of each purchase as a processing fee, much like PayPal does. The rates that PayPal, and other similarly low fuss money processing services, charge per percent of the transaction are higher than what the credit companies charge if you work with them directly. The reason that working with credit card companies rather than PayPal can be more expensive is due to the two previously listed reasons. Therefore, using services like PayPal or Google Checkout is cheaper for businesses that are just getting started out, and don’t have much income yet. This will be explained further in the next paragraph.


Guest Blog Post By Kavin Matthews-How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?

How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?


Just like the consumers many business owners also find themselves in debt. There can be many reasons for which small business owners incur huge debts such as, unexpected large expenses, expansion or poor management. When your debt balance over exceeds the revenue, you must look for some other means to become stress free. Otherwise, your debts will become totally unmanageable and the credit collectors will put a pressure on you. They will call you frequently, take stringent actions to harass you or even sue you. Unfortunately there many business owners who are often found to refrain from seeking help because of the feeling of failure or embarrassment to their competitors. Thus, try to gain knowledge about the two common business debt options so that, you’re able to choose the suitable one to become debt free.


5 Things Small Businesses Should Consider In Winter Guest Post By Matthew Beks

5 things small businesses should consider in winter
Winter is just around the corner and many steps must be taken by businesses to ensure they stay up and running throughout the winter. From ordering in show shovels in case of another Big Freeze, to making sure all drafts are fixed, there is simply so much to think about before the chill sets in.
Small companies may find a growing to-do list hard to manage, however, tying up loose odds and ends is essential. While fixing an upturned carpet may seem trivial, is it certainly better than having a disgruntled employee or two on your hands.
Here are several ways to avoid a personal injury lawsuit this winter:
  1. Risk assessment

Guest Post: Protect Your Assets: Essential Safeguards for Small Businesses by Carol Montrose

Today I have a guest post for you. It is about protecting your assets. Enjoy.
Protect Your Assets: Essential Safeguards for Small Businesses
Running a small business is hard work, and you simply may not have the time or the resources to keep track of all the safety concerns that plague your operation on a daily basis.  For this reason it behooves you to create policies and implements security measures meant to protect yourself, your employees, and your business as a whole.  After all, you don’t want to have to deal with theft, damage, lawsuits, or other major hassles if you can possibly avoid them.  So here are a few safeguards you may want to put in place.
  1. Firewall.  Data theft is just as big a concern these days for some companies as potential robbery of goods.  In order to protect yourself from hackers, spyware, and viruses you need to make sure that your firewall provides adequate protection for your computer network.  Hiring a professional and paying a little more for extra security is a good way to ensure that your system is safe from attack and destruction.

Don’t burn bridges

Don't Burn Your Bridges
When you have a client where things don’t work the way you want them to, it is really tempting to wash your hands of the person and just say to heck with him or her. That is not a good idea unless they were just rude or a hassle to work with or just acted like a prima donna or something. Now I always check back in with past clients that I enjoyed working with to see if they need more work done. Doing this got me two paying assignments this week. So think twice before you put a past client into that “do not work with” file.


Small Business Tips For Women – Key Ways to Make Your Small Business a Successful One

Females are running small businesses at high rates lately. Perhaps it is the fact that the job market is less than favorable right now. Maybe it is because companies are expecting people to work more hours for less pay. Maybe it is because women are tired of spending all those hours away from home while someone else raises their children. Whatever the motivation, women are becoming small business owners more and more frequently. Here are some tips to help women run successful small businesses.