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My thoughts about the Atlanta Content Strategy Meetup Group

Ok I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions at all. I’ve been meaning to get out to some more local networking events. I found myself going to these types of things less after Hailey was born. Well this past Thursday I went to a social hosted by the Atlanta Content Strategy Meetup Group. I had a really good time and I met some people that I hope to build some business relationships with in the future. It didn’t go near as bad as I thought it would (Hey, I’ve been out of circulation for a loooong time.) Anyway here are a couple of photos from the event:


The power of having tribes

In my last post I wrote about the misfortune that befell a company called Boner’s BBQ. A small group of 100+ managed to get negative coverage in traditional media regarding this story. This speaks to the power of having a tribe of followers behind you. How do you develop this tribe? The best way is to join a group of people that share your beliefs and start building a relationship with them. This means that you share what they publish. You have conversations with the people in your potential tribe on twitter and Facebook. This process will take time, but if done right, you’ll build a close knit group of people that will be happy to share what you publish.


Series On Following Up With Prospects Part 2

I started a series about following up with prospects based on the following thread in one of the Facebook groups I belong to:

There was so much information in that thread, that I decided to make a series out of it. So here is another question and answer for you

What is your suggestion for those who express interest, and ask for a card but you have no way to follow-up. Is there a trick to getting there information? I get a lot of those.

submitted by Shawn Broussard McNairy, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718091831


LinkedIn Tips-Don’t send me a canned invite

I know I probably spend too much time ranting about it, but people keep doing it, so I’ll keep ranting….Stop sending these canned invites! You know the ones I’m talking about. The invites that LinkedIn prepopulates the message with. The, “I’d like to add you to my network on LinkedIn message.” Boring. That doesn’t tell me anything about who you are. That doesn’t tell me where I met you. I network with a lot of people online. I’m not going to accept invites from anyone that sends me one. I’m through even sending messages to all of those people. I used to try to invite the people sending me the canned invites to follow me on twitter or facebook, but that NEVER works. So now I just archive the invites. I actually saw another good post about this subject by Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online (aff).


Networking is not a spectatator sport

Many people hear a speaker say, “Networking is a great way to get new clients.” They rush and join sites such as LinkedIn and twitter and then just sit there. They don’t add any new contacts, they don’t reach out to people from their past, they just sit there. Then after a few weeks they say, “That speaker was a load of crap. Networking doesn’t work.” I’ve got news for you. Networking is an active thing! It only works if you work it regularly. By “work it” I mean you have to be in touch with your network at all times. Let them know what you’re working on in your status updates. Offer to help with what they are working on.


Listen To Denise J Hart (motivationmama) Interview Me About Being A Creative Entrepreneur

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of being a guest expert on Denise J. Hart’s (otherwise known as motivationmama) radio show, The Creative Entrepreneur. We discussed how social media has helped so many entrepreneurs be more creative. Listen to the episode by clicking on the link! Enjoy.

Denise J Hart (motivationmama) Interviews DeAnna Troupe On The Creative Entrepreneur


The Power of Partnering-Guest Blog Post By Liz Lynch

While many of us who start our own businesses or who become solo professionals value our independence, we quickly find more value in having people at our side to give us extra strength, visibility and insight in the market. And so we get out there both in person and online to network and build relationships.

It’s great to meet new people and learn what they do, and it’s even more exciting when you can find a great deal of synergy between your goals and theirs. This is when you can start to explore referral partnerships or strategic alliances.


Funny Networking Poem and Do's and Don'ts by Sheryl Nicholson

I must apologize for getting off schedule. I haven’t been feeling well the last few days. I’m feeling better now. Here’s an interesting article I found about Networking. I hope you enjoy it.

Funny Networking Poem and Do’s and Don’ts
By Sheryl Nicholson

Networking Do’s and Don’ts

I always enjoy speaking at networking events. I get there an hour early to set up everything for my presentation and then I stand in the back of the room and watch people enter.


New to Social Media? Why You Should ALWAYS Add a Picture to Your Profile

As part of my article marketing challenge, I’ve been writing a lot of articles about social media. Since today is the day that I normally write about networking, anyway, I decided to share one of those articles with you here. Enjoy.

So you’ve joined a new social media site. Fantastic. So you’re at the phase where you are setting up your profile. I bet you are tempted to just use the standard faceless image that they start you off with. After all if you use a picture, that fabled Internet stalker might find you. Here are some reasons why you should always use a picture on your social media profile.


When networking don't send a canned invite

Most social networking sites allow you to send an invite like this.

Dear Joe Bloe,
I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.

Don’t use it! It is a big turn off to most people. It is really impersonal. It’s a lot better to send a personal email. Also send a reminder of how you know the person you’re trying to connect with. That will make a better first impression than sending a canned invite.