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One Trick To Treat Your Family To A Home Cooked Meal Using A Crock Pot

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it may be even more challenging than ever to create easy home-cooked meals for your family. In this post, I will give you an easy meal that you can prepare using a Crock Pot

Brown Sugar Chicken

Sometimes getting yoru family to eat a balanced meal can be a challenge. This recipe will have even the pickiest eater gobbling veggies and fruits.


Ways To Eat In More Often

When you’re busy running a business and working a job, it may be tempting to take shortcuts when it comes to meals. It may be tempting to order from places like GrubHub or UberEats. However, these purchases can start to add up over time and “eat” away at the money you’re making from your business. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier to cook your own meals at home. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the person preparing your food is being as clean as you would like for them to be if you are the one preparing your food.


Benefits of Being Interviewed On a Podcast-Last Day For Podcaster’s Kit

Podcasting is simply a way for people to have a radio show on the internet. It’s really no different than regular radio programs except that the show is delivered via the computer. There are several benefits of being interviewed on a podcast. This article will discuss a few of the benefits associated with being interviewed on a podcast.

You don’t have to travel.
When you are interviewed on a podcast you don’t have to leave your house. This saves you money on transportation and gas. You also do not have to find a babysitter if you have children. Basically one benefit of being interviewed on a podcast is that it saves you from having to travel.


Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day?

If you thought the Semi Annual Sale was bad, just wait until you see Amazon Prime Day! OMG. It’s going to be starting tomorrow and ends on July 16th. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can join today by clicking on the words, Amazon Prime, in this post. That will take you to my affiliate link where I”ll get a commission when you purchase with my link. Curious about what Amazon Prime day is and why I’m so excited about it? Click on the words Amazon Prime Day to get taken to a page with more info about Amazon Prime Day. I can’t wait. I hope you score some good deals. Join my Facebook group by clicking on the words Learn Small Business Discussion group to tell me about what you purchased.

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Stuck On Your Course? Get This Planner To Help You Create Your Course This Weekend.

For many people, the summertime is a time of slow sales. Many clients are going on vacations so they slow down on orders. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? I can tell you what you shouldn’t do–panic. It’s going to be okay. You will get through this Summer. How? By creating a course around the topics you are an expert about. My good friends at Coach Glue (yes them again) have a planner out that will help you get your course created in a weekend. There is a discount code which gives you $10 off but only if you buy before midnight. Click here to buy it. The discount code is 2019.


Summer is coming…Do you know where your revenue is coming from?

Summer is swiftly approaching. If you’re like most business people, summertime means slow sales. It also means that you have less time to work on your business because the kids are out of school and you have to figure out what the heck you’re going to do to entertain them. So what are you going to do? Well you should create a course that basically can run without you. What am I talking about? You can use this How to Create a Profitable Course that Your Buyers Devour in Record Time” Done-for-You Package to help you launch a course in a weekend. You won’t have any excuse not to get your dream course created as this package will have everything you need to create an awesome package that your future students will truly love.


One Day Left! Get This Membership Program From Coach Glue At A Steal!

So Coach Glue has decided to do something super nice. They were going to end this program but they got so many requests that they decided to open it up for a limited time. Tomorrow is the last day you can purchase this. I know many of you were probably busy with Easter and going to see End Game, so I just wanted to make sure you guys saw this and had a chance to take advantage of it. It’s a monthly membership where you can get done for you planners every month. This is a good way to add an extra stream of income to your product funnel. Planners are so popular among entrepreneurs. Even though there are a plethora of digital tools that can be used to plan your day, plenty of people still prefer to write things down. You can be the one to provide people with the planners they need. These planners are also easy to customize with your brand colors and logo. You don’t even have to customize them yourself. You can hand this project off to an assistant. Check this out by clicking on the words Monthly Planner Membership (affiliate link).


All About Product Funnels for Coaches


So my focus for this year has been all about creating product funnels. I felt like it was important for me to share some information with you about using product funnels in your coaching business. Enjoy.

Do your clients move predictably from one product to the next, allowing you to accurately calculate your expected income from month to month? Or do you experience radical ups and downs, with some months high and others…well, pretty low?

If you’re not able to predict your income each and every month, chances are your funnel is out of whack—or maybe doesn’t even exist. Tighten your product and services funnel, and your business will grow on autopilot.


Why I Hate Pranks….

I know some of you LOVE pranks. I know that there’s a whole section on YouTube just for pranks. I know today is supposed to be all about pranks. Ugh. Just ugh. I have a big thing about lying. I think that is the worst thing you can do to someone. Also, some of the pranks I’ve seen are harmful. Like people putting mayo in doughnuts. What if the person you’re serving the doughnut to is allergic to mayo? Not a good look? Also, if you’re a business person and you routinely post “Gotcha” posts, you’ll eventually make people doubt you. As soon as you start posting things that are not pranks, people will start to wonder if you’re telling the truth or not. So if you value your credibility, you may not want to post pranks on the same profile you are using to try to get customers. However, if the people in your niche expect pranks, then I guess it’s okay. Sorry this post is a bit more rambly than what I usually post. This day just gets on my nerves. I feel like people go out of their way to hurt other people and I don’t like it.


Tomorrow is the last day to get this. This is NOT an April Fools Day Prank

So you guys know I don’t do pranks, right? I don’t believe in them. I don’t think they are funny. I think they are cruel and mean.

So you know I’m not joking when I tell you that this workshop is getting ready to be archived. Tomorrow on April 1st, this program, How To Create Your Low Maintenance Monthly Club For Recurring Income, from Coach Glue will be archived. You can get yours today by clicking on my affiliate link above. There’s also a coupon code. You can get $20 off by using this code: 20. Get yours today.