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Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners [Tutorial Tuesdays]

Hello. It’s time for Tutorial Tuesday. In this post, I decided to put together a compilation of YouTube Videos all about SEO. These are tips for people who are brand new to the world of Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy.

SEO For Beginners Tutorial 1-What Is Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginners 2016-How To Rank High In Google

SEO CRAZY! Title Tags, H1s STILL Matter! Latest Google Secrets

SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization


How To Download Your Videos From YouTube (Tutorial)

video tutorial
Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/imagerymajestic

If you have been publishing videos to YouTube for any length of time, you’ve probably built up a substantial library of videos. You should probably consider downloading those videos for safe keeping. What if something happens and YouTube decides to suspend your account? You’ll lose all of your hard work. So in this blog post, I’m going to show you how you can download your videos from YouTube. This will only work for videos that you have uploaded.

First you need to login to your YouTube account.

After you do that, click on my channel.


Tuesday Tutorial: How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Group

There are many reasons to set up a Facebook group. There are things you can do with a Facebook Group that you just can’t do with a Facebook page. One of the best reasons to start a Facebook group is that you have more interaction on a group than on a page. Here’s some information to help you get your Facebook group started.

1. You must use a personal Facebook account. So login to your Facebook account to get started.

2. Go to the Groups section in your sidebar and click on the item that says, Create A Group.


Tuesday Tutorial: Setting The Privacy On Individual Facebook Posts

Did you know that you could change the privacy on your Facebook posts? Why would you want to do this you ask? Let’s say that you have your default setting to private. Let’s say you have posted something that you want people to share. Well they can’t share it if the setting is set to private. So you will want to change the setting on that post, but not on the posts you don’t want the public to see. In this blog post, I plan to show you how you can do that.


WordPress Wednesday: How To Install A WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are an important part of a WordPress site. You can do tons of things with WordPress plugins. This video will show you how you can install WordPress plugins on your WordPress site. Enjoy.


Tuesday Tutorial: How To Convert HTML To A WordPress Theme

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you should know that I am a HUGE advocate of WordPress. Maybe I’ve convinced you that you should go ahead and take the plunge into WordPress. What if you’ve spent a lot of money creating a custom website? Do you have to ditch that site and start completely from scratch? No. You can convert your existing HTML into a WordPress theme. Here’s a video showing you how to do just that.


Quick Tips for Getting (and Keeping) More Clients

Today’s post will be a combination of Marketing tips and a tutorial. It’s a tutorial about how to get and keep more clients. Enjoy.

You’re a freelancer and you live and breathe by your clients, right? That makes getting and keeping more clients paramount to your success. Here are five quick tips for getting and keeping more clients.

#1 Ask your clients for referrals. There’s nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, customers are often happy to refer you to others, they just need to be reminded to do so. And, if you can create a referral program where your current clients receive a discount or credit for your services, then all the better.

LinkedIn Tips

Tips For Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tips

linkedin is a powerful business tool if used correctly. I’ve selected a few posts designed to show you how you can use LinkedIn to help grow your business.

Here’s one from content marketing institute: 5 Ways Content Marketers Can Get More Value From LinkedIn

If you only view LinkedIn as the site where you keep your digital resume and virtual business card collection, you won’t see how it really can help grow your business, expand your content’s audience, and build valuable connections.

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WordPress Wednesday – How To Make Your Blog Accessible From A Static Page

wordpress imageToday’s tutorial came from a question posted by a member of my Facebook group. This member had two questions. 1. How do I make the home page of my blog a static page? 2. How do readers access my blog from the static page? I knew the answer to the first question, but I had to do some digging to find the answer to the second question. While I was doing my digging, the question was answered in the group. I wanted to make things a bit clearer, so I decided to write a blog post explaining the process. So here goes.

Tips For Working From Home With Small Children

Tuesday Tutorial: Tips For Working From Home With Small Children

Tips For Working From Home With Small ChildrenWhen many people first start a home business they envision themselves working with their child happily sitting in the play pen while they work. Then reality hits. All of a sudden your baby refuses to take naps. They wake up as soon as you try to lay them down. When you try to put your child in the play pen, they scream as if you just put them in a vat of burning oil. As soon as you try to make a phone call, your child picks then to make as much noise as they know how to make. So what should a frazzled parent do in this situation? Read the rest of the article for tips on how to work from home with a small child.