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I did it! I finished the Ignite Video Challenge. Watch All 22 Videos Here…

I started a Video Marketing Challenge where I was challenged to post a video of me speaking on camera actually showing my face every day. I did get all 22 videos done. I did do some in a batch instead of one a day. It’s just easier for me to record that way. Check out my videos below:


Spotlight On Uscreen’s Featured Client-Total Immersion

Disclosure: The blogger was compensated with cash for this post.





When video is your primary content, it is tough to know what format to use to deliver your content to your customers. You have so many choices. Uscreen makes it easy for you to distribute your videos to your customers. I had the chance to catch up with a Uscreen client, Total Immersion to chat with them about their experience with Uscreen. Read what this customer has to say.

Me: Tell me about yourself. What exactly do you do?


A video marketing pet peeve of mine…not giving me the option to read your material

I know one of the perks of video marketing is not having to write as much. However, it really irritates me when marketers don’t even give me the option of reading their content. I saw this email in my inbox with content that I was really interested in. The content was in video format. I thought, okay no problem, I can just click on the video and watch it. The video was not that long. The big problem that I had was that the video kept stopping. It was very hard to watch. If they would have also provided a pdf file that contained the same info as the video, I still would have gotten the information they were trying to convey. Now I will never know. Moral of this story: Give your potential clients at least two ways to consume your information.


Video: Gmail introduces-Priority Inbox

I always complain about how google does stuff. However, this time I think they are on to something. They are rolling out this priority inbox feature for select gmail users (don’t ask me how they determine who gets to test it first). I saw the notice when I went to check my email earlier today. They have even created a cute youtube video explaining how to use it. Here is the video. I just had to share it as an example of a good way to use video in your business.


Video Marketing Tip-How To Improve Your SEO Rankings If Your Site Focuses Mainly On Images And Video

Many people are using more things than text on their site these days. In fact there are lots of sites that use mostly video on their websites. While this might be fantastic for the user, this poses a challenge for website owners trying to get more organic traffic. This video explains how to overcome those challenges…