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How to Create a Podcast

This video will show you how to create a podcast and distribute it.

We will use Audacity (audacity.sourcforge.net) to edit the podcast. You will need a computer, speakers, audio editing software, a website or hosting service that you can upload your podcast to and an RSS feed.

You will start by downloading a FREE program called Audacity … watch the video to learn more.


Other Ways to Monetize Your Blog BESIDES Adsense

I’m getting kind of annoyed by all of these “Adsense is Dead, No adsense is Alive” people, so I started looking for other ways to make money with my blog besides just slapping up some adsense ads. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Sell adspace on your blog yourself or you can use another link broker such as linkworth
  • Use your blog as a way to build your expertise in a particular niche so you can get speaking gigs
  • Become an affiliate for products that are relevant to your niche.
  • Sell seats to your teleclasses and workshops(you are holding teleclasses and workshops, right?)

LinkedIn Bloggers Blog Boost 6 – Case Notes from The Artsy Asylum

This week’s blog is a must read for my right brained friends out there. The theme of this blog is basically anything having to do with visual arts and cats. So if you’re into cats or Visual Arts, check out The Artsy Asylum now.  Personally I’m more of a dog person.  The pictures on this blog are very clear and crisp.

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Blog and Ping Your Way To Traffic

Blog And Ping Your Way To Traffic

By Craig Rowe

If you have a website then you are certainly interested in having it do as well as it possibly can in the search engine rankings. However, did you know that you do have some control over getting good rankings and increasing your traffic? That is right; you can take your website’s success into your own hands and increase your traffic and income by blogging and pinging. Don’t know what blogging and pinging are? Read on to find out!