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Book Publishing Post #5 – Marketing Your Book

I hope you have enjoyed this book publishing series. This is the last post in this series. If you missed any of the other posts, click on the title of the post to get to them.
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Book Publishing Post #1

You’’ve spent your time, energy, and attention creating a book. You’ve worked hard to write the content. You’’ve created a professional-looking book cover. You’ve chosen your category, written a description and are ready to publish your book. But, you’re not done yet.


Book Publishing Post #4: Writers: Don’t Forget About The Importance Of Editing

Book Publishing Post #4So you’ve finished creating your masterpiece. That’s fabulous. You may think that all you have to do now is upload your book to the Kindle marketplace and start promoting. That’s not 100% true. You still have to edit your work.

One of the biggest mistakes an author can make is to publish a book they have edited themselves. Sounds harsh, but it is true. It is essential to hire an editor for your book so that you get the results that you want.

Your Reputation Is At Stake

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Book Publishing Series Post #2: Writing Options Available To Help You Finish Your Book

book publishing 2This is part 2 of my series on book publishing. If you missed the first one, click here to read the first part of the series. Now on to the Post #2.

Want to write a book but not sure how to get the job done? There are many different options for people who want to see their name on the cover of a book. Being an author does not mean the same thing to every person.


Book Publishing Series Post #1: Why and How to Outline Your Book

book publishingThis is the beginning of a series I’m working on about book publishing. This post is all about outlining your book.

There are many ways to write a book. You can wing it. You can sit down at your computer and just start writing. Many people take that approach. In the world of fiction writing they’re called “pantsters” because they write by the seat of their pants.

However, there are other types of writers too. They are called plotters. They essentially plan their book before they write it. Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, there are many benefits to outlining and planning your book before you write it.