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Do You Really HAVE to blog everyday?

Do you have to blog everyday?

Last month I participated in a challenge to blog everyday. Now I am pondering if DAILY blogging is actually necessary. I don’t think so. I noticed that when I didn’t feel forced to write, I came up with better posts. Now I do think regular blogging is important. How often should you blog? That’s really up to you. I would say at least twice a week. Pick a schedule that you can live with and stick to. I believe daily blogging is not a requirement, however it is helpful if you are trying to increase your blog’s visibility and readership.

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7 thoughts on “Do You Really HAVE to blog everyday?

  1. Man, I hate your captcha. lol

    Okay, here’s the thing, and you know what I’m going to say. No, you don’t have to write every day, but if you want more traffic and the opportunity to become influential enough to do well online you either have to do one of two things.

    One, you have to write a lot of posts because it’s been proven that the more content one has, the more traffic they get; it just works out that way.

    Two, you have to write longer posts, SEO optimized well so that it catches the attention of both visitors and search engines, which need a lot of content to help them figure out what you’re offering. We’ve both seen that those folks who write 2 or 3 times a week all write long posts, whereas someone like me, who writes 5 to 6 times a week… well, I might not be the best example since I’m told I write long posts. lol But you know what I mean.

    So, you and everyone else gets to choose based on what you determine you want to reach for.

  2. Very true, Mitch. I do know what you mean and you’re right. I DID see an increase in traffic when I was posting content more, but I also saw an increase in crankiness (from myself) when I was trying to post that much, especially when I started getting more client work. I just have to find a way to strike a happy balance between blogging and everything else that’s going on in.

  3. So then, here’s a great idea; yeah, it’s great because it’s mine! lol Anyway, since you’re a writer, find a topic that you can write one really long post on and then split it up into multiple posts, kind of like a series.

    I’ve done that in two ways in the past. Last year I had my “pillar post” of more than 5,000 words that I split into 2 posts. That was actually probably too much, but it had a much different intent to it. I’ve also written long posts on one topic, then split it into 4 or 5 posts at least 500 words each, some more but never less. That not only gives you multiple posts but you can link them all to each other and that helps your SEO.

    So, think about it. 🙂

    1. I might just give that one a try, Mitch. I’m certainly not against daily publishing, but I’m not going to publish crap just so I can say I posted something that day.

  4. NO! As a matter of fact, to me, I find it down right annoying! These people that blog everyday for that “challenge” expect their subscribers to comment everyday. It’s YOUR challenge, not mine. I didn’t sign up for “Comment A Day” challenge. So don’t expect me to comment everyday. I post a new blog post once a week or so. Sometimes I wait two. I agree, I think the content is better. Forcing a post has no substance. It’s like writing in a diary. Some stuff we just don’t care about to read.
    Great post. Sorry I went on a rant! I guess you hit a nerve with me!

    1. Your comment made me laugh out loud for real. It’s okay to rant every once in a while. You gotta get stuff off your chest.

  5. I am subscribed to so many blogs and news sources that if they dropped down to posting once a week, I still couldn’t keep up with them. If you have compelling content, then by all means blog every day. But for me, seeing someone blog three times a week is a lot.

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