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Don’t Stay Stuck On Graphics Have People Compete To Work For You


For most people, designing graphics presents a challenge. They may be great at what they do whether it is writing, speaking, or coaching, but they may just have difficulty creating the artwork needed for their business. People are visual creatures. Every business needs things like logos, brochures and newsletters. You may need a t-shirt for a trade show. You may need some items to put in goodie bags to help you promote your business or banners for a social media campaign.Whatever the case, all of these things need high quality graphics. Don’t feel stumped. You don’t have to design all of these things on your own. There is a way you can get high quality graphics created for your business at a reasonable price. Read the rest of this post to find out how.

Use DesignCrowd’s Contests To Find Your Graphic Designer

Now you could post a job on a traditional job platform and cross your fingers. The problem with this is you usually have to pay the job board up front. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll find someone qualified to do your work. Or you could use DesignCrowd to find your next graphic designer. It is important to be able to outsource the work you are not skilled at so you can spend your time focusing on the work you get paid to do.

Why Use DesignCrowd Instead Of Other Job Sites

With DesignCrowd you just pay a fee to launch your project. You can even have your team help you pick your graphic. You can have them vote on each of the potential images and then pick the image with the most votes. This will help your team feel like they have some ownership in the company. If you don’t find anything you like, your fee gets refunded to you.

Here is a sample of what your logo could look like…
Designing graphics can be a challenge. However, it is not a challenge that you have to face alone. You can find someone to help you with this seemingly arduous task. You can use DesignCrowd to help you find a design that will represent your business. Visit them today to get started with your design contest.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. The blogger was compensated with cash for this post.