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Ecourse Creation Blueprint (Coupon Code) Time Sensitive!

Hello! I’m coming to you with a time sensitive offer from my friends over at Coach Glue. They are doing this thing called 12 Days Of Summer where every day they offer an amazing deal. Here’s today’s special offer….

“Ecourse Creation Blueprint”

Yes. The money is definitely in the list. I think we can all agree on that.

But does that mean that if your clients have a mailing list with a few hundred people (or even less) on it, then there’s no hope for them? Are they forced to devote every minute to:

  • Creating and promoting free offers to “grow the list”?

  • Spending money on paid ads to attract attention to yet another free offer?

  • Giving away their valuable experience and knowledge in an effort to “gain exposure”?

If your clients feel like they’re stuck in an endless loop of doing exactly this – and not making the money they deserve because of it – they’re not alone.

Here’s the problem they face: Their time is limited. So they tend to focus on what they believe will bring them the greatest value. That’s just smart business sense.

But there’s a catch. By spending all their time growing the business, they limit the time they have available to create the programs and courses that can actually bring them money.

Not only that, but because they want to provide the best value for their customers and clients, they tend to underestimate their own worth, meaning they…

  • Think they don’t have the experience (yet) to create a paid product

  • Imagine that any paid product they do create would not sell (after all, what do they know?)

  • Believe that everything they do know is already freely available.

Your clients DO have something valuable to offer, and their audience is waiting for them to finally release it!

Using our done-for-you workshop, you can help you clients plan, produce, and launch their own hot-selling course.

This comprehensive, 4-module course is packed with actionable steps that will help your clients get their course created and launched in record time.

And best of all, it will be the exact course their market wants and needs, making it the perfect launch for any size list.

But you’ve only got through TODAY to grab this done-for-you workshop that’s up for grabs during our deal of the day, and then it’s gone!

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ecourse creation blueprint

This workshop includes these 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Deciding on Your Perfect eCourse

  • Module 2: Where to Find Your Pricing and Positioning Sweet Spot

  • Module 3: Setting up a Foolproof eCourse Structure

  • Module 4: Pre-Launch, Follow-up and Keeping Them Engaged

You’ll also get access to done-for-you worksheets, checklists, and exercises to use with your clients.

And of course, to help you sell your course we also included sales page copy, promo emails, and more!

Get this Workshop for Only $47 (regularly $297)
With Coupon Code: 2019

Click Here to Get this Workshop Now