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Every Subscriber Counts

You’ve heard the term that the money is in the list. However, many business owners take that to assume that the bigger the list, the more money they’ll make. This may be true, yet what may be more important than having a large opt-in list is using it well.

If you have a list of 1000 names and 10% of them become customers, that’s great – that’s 100 customers. Yet if you have a list of 250 names and 50% of them become customers because you’ve taken extra measures to make sure they’re treated well, then that’s even better. That’s 125 customers and a group of loyal and valued subscribers.

People buy from businesses they like and people they can relate to. They also buy when they feel appreciated, part of a group, and when they feel the need to reciprocate. By making each and every subscriber feel important and valued you make the very most of your list, regardless of the size.

Here’s how to make sure every subscriber feels important.

* Use your subscriber’s name. In every communication you have with your audience, make sure you personalize the message. Dear subscriber,” is very impersonal and won’t create the same connection as something like “Dear Anne.” There are applications that can personalize your email and autoresponder messages or you can do the coding yourself, or hire someone. The point is, find a way to send personal messages to your subscribers. The little details matter and it begins with getting their name on your communications.

* Reward your subscribers. Consider analyzing your list and sending special promotions to those who click through often, make purchases or forward your information to others. Some people subscribe to a list just to get the free information you’re offering. They may give you an email address they don’t access often or they may just send all your communications to their junk mail box.

However, other subscribers will be interested in your information. They’ll click though to read your content, they’ll download materials from your website and they’ll express an interest in your products and services. These subscribers are valuable because they’re on the cusp of making a purchase. Taking great care of these subscribers is important. And designing special offers and promotions for them is a great way to make them feel special.

* Connect with them personally. Another way to make your subscribers feel special is to take a break from marketing to them and instead include them in your business. You can ask their opinion, give them the opportunity to contribute to your content by writing guest posts or asking questions. You can offer them contests and sweepstakes and give them first dibs at new products or services.

Finally, always be sure to thank your subscribers. Gratitude is wonderful; it’ll change your life and it will let your subscribers know you’re a businessperson who has their priorities in order.