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Guest Blog Post By Kavin Matthews-How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?

How can a business debt consolidation method save a debtor?


Just like the consumers many business owners also find themselves in debt. There can be many reasons for which small business owners incur huge debts such as, unexpected large expenses, expansion or poor management. When your debt balance over exceeds the revenue, you must look for some other means to become stress free. Otherwise, your debts will become totally unmanageable and the credit collectors will put a pressure on you. They will call you frequently, take stringent actions to harass you or even sue you. Unfortunately there many business owners who are often found to refrain from seeking help because of the feeling of failure or embarrassment to their competitors. Thus, try to gain knowledge about the two common business debt options so that, you’re able to choose the suitable one to become debt free.


2 Types of business relief options


Read on to know how you’ll be able to repay your debts if you opt for any of the debt relief options.


1. Commercial debt counseling:

Commercial debt counseling is similar to that of consumer debt counseling. Here the counselors will assess your financial status, detect the financial problems and will suggest you certain possible ways to help you run your business smoothly. The aim of the counselor is to increase the revenue by determining the problem area that is increasing your business debt. They will the funds to the various departments of the business efficiently. They will educate your business managers about how they should manage the finances improve the situation.


2. Business debt consolidation loan:

After getting the full assistance of the counselors if you’re still unable to manage your finances, you can opt for a debt consolidation loan. Here, the representative of the company will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the interest rates on your bills. After the negotiation is done, you have to take out a loan so that, you’re able to repay your whole debt in a lump sum. Now, you have to make single monthly payment to repay your new loan. In this process you will not find a rise in your credit score as soon as you repay your debt as you have taken out a new loan. When you’ll gradually repay the new loan, you’ll find a rise in your credit score.


Is it possible to get an unsecured business debt consolidation loan?

In case of business, both secured and unsecured debt consolidation loans are available. If you’re willing to take out an unsecured loan then you won’t be able to qualify for repaying huge debts. It’s because, lenders will feel insecure and if you’re able to qualify for it, then they will charge you high rate of interest. Unsecured debt consolidation loans are approved only for small debts. In case of a business, you have to take out a secured debt consolidation business loan and keep any valuable piece of your business property as collateral.


Lastly, when you’ll approach a lender to take out a business debt consolidation loan, you have to tell him/her the reasons why you have incurred so much of debt. Otherwise, they will feel insure to invest in an already falling situation. If you have incurred debt due to large unexpected or unavoidable expenses, then the lender might approve you the loan. But if you tell them that you’re facing such situation due to poor management, you’ll never get the approval. You have to show them all the documents to convince them the fact that you’re trying hard to repay your debts. This way you’ll be able to take out a loan at a suitable rate of interest and become debt free soon.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me the two business debt relief options. I was aware of debt relief options for individuals but now you have given me an idea about how businesses work out for their debt.

  2. Whatever helps you pay your debts at a manageable interest rates is great. The organization of the invoice also helps because the psychological aspect of looking at one debt instead of many helps ease the feeling of despair somehow. Despair may be a strong word here but I can’t think of another word.

  3. Debt consolidation help is something which every debtor seeks when they are unable to manage their several debts or pay the debt amounts to multiple lenders at different times and when the service comes for free, it proves to be extra advice in guiding the debtors towards a debt free life.

    By Getting debt consolidation help and asking for a free nonprofit debt consolidation quote can save you from having to resort to declaring bankruptcy. When a debt consolidation advice comes without any extra cost or expense, it gives a relief to the debtors seeking information and knowledge regarding the same.

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