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How To Develop a Media Kit That Sells

The ability to sell advertising space on your website or in your newsletter is a profit generating tactic that fits many business models including affiliate marketing and information marketing. If you’re looking to make a little extra advertising money from all that traffic you have coming to your website then the first thing you’re going to need to create is a media kit.

What is A Media Kit?

A media kit is essentially an information packet or page that will give potential advertisers all the information they need to decide whether or not they want to buy ad space on your website or in your newsletter. However, if you’re savvy, you’re going to do more than just list the information they want to know. You’re going to create a media kit that utilizes all you know about marketing to position your website as a great advertising buy. You’re going to create a media kit that sells. After all, the more ad space you sell, the more money you make.
Steps To Take To Create A Media Kit That Sells.
Step #1 Determine how you’re going to present your media kit. Are you going to deliver it via an autoresponder in response to advertising inquiries? Are you going to publish it on your website? Both?

Step #2 Determine where you’re going to sell advertising space. Your general options are your website, blog and your ezine if you have one.

Step #3 Collect your data. You’ll want to collect the following information to present in your media kit:
Circulation numbers – this is if you publish and are selling ad space in your ezine. You’ll want to publish the numbers and any information or data that can back it up, so your prospects know your data is valid.

Demographics – who is your audience. This is obviously significant to any potential advertisers. They’re going to want to know as much about your audience as possible to make sure they’re reaching the right people.

* Editorial calendar – In addition to publishing the purpose or vision of your ezine and/or website if you publish an ezine your advertisers are going to want to know how often you publish and also if you have content ideas for future issues, it may help them determine what type of ad to place each week or month or if they want to choose a specific issue to advertise in.
* Awards – Any newsworthy awards, testimonials or other information that boosts your credibility is a great motivator.

* Finally, you’ll also want to include your advertisement deadlines and policies including how people pay for their ad space. Also be sure to list any contact information so they can get a hold of you easily if they have questions.
Step #4 Format and create your media kit with the above information in an easy to read manner.
Step #5 Publish it!
In addition to providing all of this information and setting it out nicely so it’s easy to read and understand, you’ll also want to make sure your media kit is easy to find on your website and that ordering and paying for advertising space is easy. Remember, advertisers are customers and customers want an easy purchasing process. If any part of it is difficult to understand or policies and procedures are confusing, they’re going to click away.
Give them a reason to want to advertise with you by promoting your website or ezine information, make the information easy to access, give them a call to action at the end of your media kit – “to reserve your ad space now” for example, and make the payment process quick and easy. And, before you’re done, create a marketing strategy to promote your ad space.