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How to Overcome the Fear of Success

It may sound contradictory to think of someone being fearful of success, but it happens more often than not. For whatever reasons, many of us are wired to fear our own success. It may be that achieving that success brings us out of our comfort zone or simply puts us into a situation we’re unfamiliar with. Whatever the reason, letting fear sabotage your plans can be detrimental to you personally as well as your business success.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome the fear of success once and for all:

#1 – Be a “big picture” person. Many entrepreneurs feel paralyzed with fear once they look at all the minute details of a business venture. Some of the most successful business owners of our time have done the exact opposite to avoid this feeling. Instead of concentrating on minute details, they concentrate on the big picture. They know that the small details can be taken care off later.

No one expects you to be familiar with every aspect of business, and there are many tasks that can be outsourced. You can also ask for help and advice when the time comes to complete each task.

To avoid not acting on your ideas, ignore the small details and become a “big picture” person instead.

#2 – Give yourself a break. We all have times when we’re scared or feel a little vulnerable. It’s important not to let these emotions get the better of you. Simply see them for what they are – a temporary feeling. Like most things, this too will pass. Tell yourself that you may be a little fearful of a certain task or phase in your business but that it can be overcome.

Being kind to yourself and concentrating on your successes and good points is the starting point to getting rid of fear.

#3 – Ask yourself – what’s the worst thing that can happen? This simple question can help you overcome the fear of many scenarios. In the big scheme of things, what is actually the worst thing that could happen if you ventured into the unknown?

Often times we realize that things aren’t that bad and our minds have a way of dramatizing certain events. Stop yourself from falling into this trap by facing your worst-case scenario head on.

The fear of success is a real issue for many entrepreneurs, and sometimes those thoughts and feelings are etched deep into our belief system. But with a little time, perseverance and action you can learn to enjoy your success and relish all those moments when something good comes out of your hard work and dedication.