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How to Write An Effective Blog Description

Since I keep talking about blog descriptions so much, I felt like I should give some tips on writing one.  First off it really doesn't have to be that long.  It should only be about two or three paragraphs.  You should explain the main topics that you write about.  You should also point out what you hope your reader will learn or gain from reading your blog.  This will help the reader understand your motives better.  It will also help to separate your blog from spam blogs or splogs since most of the splogs that I have seen don't take the time to do all of that stuff.  Also if it is a business blog, please leave out stuff about your cat and your significant other when you describe your blog.  Most business readers really don't care about all of that stuff.  That sort of information is more appropriate in a personal blog.  Keep in mind that potential employers or clients could be reading this blog and you want to always present a professional image.  I hope this helps with your blog descriptions.  Good luck and happy bloggging!

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