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Mouth-Watering Copywriting Tips

Top-notch copywriters spend decades honing their skills to become sought-after experts. And what they know and can do can make you wealthy. That being said, there’s a lot to say for doing it yourself and if you know a few tricks of the trade, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same conversion rates from your own copy, and save money hiring the pros.

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Here are five mouth-watering copywriting tips:

#1 Make your story flow.

When you write your copy, the sentences should flow into each other, the paragraphs should transition naturally and the ideas lead into each other with grace. How do you accomplish that? When you’re editing your sales copy, look to make sure everything flows. Don’t worry about it when you’re writing your first draft. Words that facilitate flow include:

* Additionally
* However
* For example
* What’s more
* Moreover
* Therefore
* Of course

#2 Show, don’t tell.

This is an age-old lesson when it comes to fiction writing, and the same rule applies to spectacular copywriting. Instead of telling people how they can benefit from buying your product or service, show them. If they’re saving money, give them a real world example of just how much money they can save. If they’re improving their love life, show them how their love life will improve.

#3 Vary sentence structure.

This is also important in creative writing, and online it’s essential. Lots of long sentences can put a reader to sleep and short sentences all packed together can feel choppy and a bit stressful. Vary your sentences and your sentence structure to make your copy easy and interesting to read.

#4 Speaking of putting your reader to sleep, action keeps your copy well.

Active and power-packed adjectives paint a vivid picture. Why have someone look good from buying your product when they can look drop-dead gorgeous? Instead of “Click here to buy now,” try “Grab your copy now.” Instead of “save money,” they can “keep their hard-earned cash in their pocket.” Words have power; give your verbs impact and your nouns a kick with a powerful adjective. Of course, don’t go overboard or your copy can come off sounding “hypey” or forced.

#5 Don’t forget the power of “You.”


Personal connection is essential for sales copy to work and that means the copy must be written to someone. Instead of “I” or “They” or “Business people,” use words that speak directly to your reader. “You” and “We” are great for making a connection.

Copywriting is a valuable skill and mastering a few power-packed techniques can mean the difference between a 1% conversion rate and a 10% conversion rate. Grab that pen, open your computer and get down to business. You can do it!