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My thoughts about Felicia Slattery’s recent Signature Speech For Authors Training

I must say I am loving this training. Even though I haven’t quite finished all of the modules, yet, I am liking what I see. I like how this material is forcing me to organize my thoughts (something I have trouble with on my own). I like the Facebook group format. It allows us to get support from the other students and Felicia in between sessions. I also didn’t feel guilty for not fully completing the training in two days (I saw some other people that didn’t get everything done due to the holiday). All in all I highly recommend this course for authors and aspiring authors. If you’ve already written your book, the speech will help you promote it. If you haven’t written your book yet, then this training will help you organize your book and actually get it written. There’s nothing like 80 prepaid sales to light a fire under you to get your book going. Now I’m not sure when Felicia will be offering another training, but I’m sure you can find out. The best place to start is http://feliciaslattery.com/a/signature-speech-mastery-sign-up-page/.