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One Trick To Treat Your Family To A Home Cooked Meal Using A Crock Pot

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it may be even more challenging than ever to create easy home-cooked meals for your family. In this post, I will give you an easy meal that you can prepare using a Crock Pot

Brown Sugar Chicken

Sometimes getting yoru family to eat a balanced meal can be a challenge. This recipe will have even the pickiest eater gobbling veggies and fruits.

1 lb chicken breasts
1 package of frozen onions and peppers (you can use fresh ones if you have them)
1 can of sliced potatoes
1 can of peas and carrots
1 can of pineapples (include the juice)
1/2 a bottle of Worcestshire sauce
season salt, lemon pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, parsley flakes (to taste-I never measure these)
Liberal amount of sugar and brown sugar

Dump all ingredients in crock pot. Cook on high for 8 hours. Can be served with rolls. We like the king’s Hawaiian rolls.

And there you have it. One easy to prepare meal for the upcoming busy holiday season. If you don’t have a Crockpot, I will be linking to one you can purchase on Amazon below using my affiliate link.