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List Building Roundup 4 Posts To Help You Grow Your Email List: Tuesday Tutorial

I had a member in my Facebook group ask me if I had any posts about list building. I decided to create a linkup post with posts from around the web about list building. Enjoy.

  1.  25 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List-Hubspot
    You are sure to find some things you can implement right away in this list.
  2. 41 Tips That Put Over 10,000 Email Subscribers On My List-BlogTyrant
    This one caught my attention because of the number of subscribers that were added.
  3. 14 List Building Hacks To Grow Your Email Database Fast– ConversionXL
    This list gives you plenty of things you can implement right away to help grow your email list.

My thoughts about the late, great Prince.

Okay I know it took me a while to get this post up. I wasn’t really sure what to say. So today I just sat down at the keyboard and I’m just going to post what comes into my brain. What can I say about Prince that hasn’t already been said? I don’t know. I do know that his music was an integral part of my childhood. My mom’s best friend’s daughter is a HUMONGOUS Prince fan. When would go to her house she would either be playing him, Madonna, or Janet, but mostly Prince. My parents were very strict so I would never be able to buy his stuff growing up. They’d have had a fit. But thanks to my friend Seveene, I always had somewhere to go to listen to his stuff. As the years went by, I always seemed to run into a Prince fanatic along the way. When I went off to college, it was my roommate. Before that it was a lady I went to church with. One thing I can say about his music was that it always made you FEEL something. Most of today’s music is missing that.


Stuck on what to write about? Use content curation to come up with your blog posts.

It happens to all of us at least once. Sometimes we get stuck with knowing what to write about on our blogs. I know it happens to me quite a bit. So what can you do? Use your fellow bloggers to assist you. No, I don’t mean steal their posts and call it your own. That’s just wrong. Instead you could write a post linking to blog posts about a certain topics. This blog post is about content curation, so I’ll be linking to a bunch of posts about that topic that will tell you more. I didn’t have any particular requirements for inclusion in this list. I just picked posts with titles that caught my attention. Enjoy.


Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners [Tutorial Tuesdays]

Hello. It’s time for Tutorial Tuesday. In this post, I decided to put together a compilation of YouTube Videos all about SEO. These are tips for people who are brand new to the world of Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy.

SEO For Beginners Tutorial 1-What Is Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginners 2016-How To Rank High In Google

SEO CRAZY! Title Tags, H1s STILL Matter! Latest Google Secrets

SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization


Tell Me About It Thursday: What’s New At Sass N Frass

It’s been a while since I told you guys something new about Sass N Frass (the boutique I’m a direct sales rep for). Today I’m going to share with you some new items that are on free shipping. These items are available while supplies last. Don’t forget to click on Flash Sales to check out some of the flash sale items. Go to http://www.learnsmallbusiness.sassdt (aff link) today to check out these items and more.

Here are the items that are currently on free shipping.





Tutorial Tuesday: Getting Your First Writing Client and Then Some

Today’s tutorial is all about how to get your first writing client. Enjoy.

Your first client may be your most important one. They may also be the toughest client to get. As a freelance writer, clients want to see that you have experience. However, if you’re new to freelancing then you may not have any experience to share. It’s a frustrating circle.

The good news is that there are several ways to gain your first client and that valuable experience that you need. Let’s talk about how to get your first clients and then help you step things up and gather even more valuable clients for your business.


Marketing Monday Roundup: 5 Marketing Posts For Small Business Owners


Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. If no one knows you exist, you won’t make any sales. Here are some blog posts that will give you some ideas to help you market your small business. This is part of an ongoing series I plan to post every week.

8 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses In 2016

If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.
Here are some ideas for you to use to market your business.

8 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


[Deal Alert] Profit To PLR Coupon Code

My last post was about a free guide showing you how you can profit from the private label rights content that is sitting on your hard drive. One of my good friends, Alice Seba, has updated training showing you ways that you can use your private label rights content to generate profits in your business. I even have a coupon code for you to use that will take $30 off of your purchase price. The coupon code is: SAVINGSFROMDEANNA. If you act fast, you will also get an invite to live training about this topic. This bonus is only available until tomorrow night. Here is the link to go check this product out: https://www.learnsmallbusiness.com/plr2profitc


Put that PLR sitting on your hard drive to use. Here’s a free guide showing you how.

If you’re like me, you probably have a gold mine of private label content, also known as PLR, sitting in dropbox or on your hard drive. This content is absolutely worthless to you there. You need to put these articles to use. Here are some tips for you to use this content. At the end of the tips is a link to a free guide with more ideas for you.

1. Use PLR as ideas for blog posts.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with something to write about when you are looking at a blank screen. Your PLR articles can serve as a starting point for a fresh article. You could rewrite the article and have a brand new article.


How is Positive Thinking Powerful?

Positive thinking is, obviously, something that can have a great impact on a person. What is hard to understand is why positive thinking is so powerful. That involves taking a good look at how positive thinking works.

Positive thinking works in three different ways. First, it works on you and your general attitude. Second, it works on those around you. Lastly, it has a way of influencing your environment. How exactly positive thinking works on these things is, open for debate, though.