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Writing Your Affiliate Home Business Plan

Writing Your Affiliate Home Business Plan
By Glenn Beach

Here’s a typical scenario: You are deciding to start a home business
and suddenly everyone you know has his nose in your business,
literally. What do you tell them? And how do you answer your own
questions? What should you expect from the company in terms of
stability, longevity, vitality, trust, income, and so forth?
First the bad news: there are no guarantees. Then the good news: there
is plenty of information from which to draw your own conclusions. The
internet is huge, and any good company will offer free marketing tools
and training.


Tips to Starting Your Own Business

Tips to Starting your Own Busniess
By Jessica Klein

The 9-to-5 grind can make you feel like a just another cog in the corporate machine, constantly punching the clock for someone else’s vision. One day, while dreaming of the world outside the cubicle, you have your big “Eureka!” moment—you’ve come across an idea so perfect that you need to start your own business around it.

Coming up with the idea is the easy part. Now, you’re thrown into an entrepreneurial world where even the experience businessperson can feel overwhelmed by all the details.


eBay Price Changes: Good Bad or Indifferent?

Ebay’s price changes, Good bad, or indifferent?
eBay recently announced that it was increasing it’s fees. According to eBay, it “determined that some prices should be increased and others should be reduced.” Now, how they determined which fees should be increased is a mystery to me. I don’t think it’s fair to increase the price on items in the lower price brackets. I think that it would be fairer to increase the price on high ticket items. The seller already didn’t make much on the items that sold in the lower priced range unless he/she sold quite a few of that item. On the other hand, the price increases could be a good thing as it will drive a lot of sellers away from eBay. I’m going to keep an eye on this and see how it pans out. This might make things better for the other online auction sites as the people that are mad at eBay will more than likel take their business elsewhere. What do you think? Post your comments.


Closing That Big Sale With Conference Calling

Closing That Big Sale With Conference Calling
By Aaron Siegel

So you’re in business. Whether it is micro, small, medium, or enterprise; you know the one key element you need to succeed in your business … sales.

Now, you have studied and learned many practices on succeeding in your arena, but there may be something still overlooked. You most undoubtedly have strained to learn every technique possible to gain the competitive advantage for ultimate return on your investment. What you may be missing out on is what you use to communicate during your sales process, more specifically; what communication products you currently use to implement your suave techniques of sale persuasion.


eBay: What should I sell?

eBay: What Should I Sell?
By Michele Schermerhorn

There is an art to picking profitable products. It’s not just what you want to sell but rather what will sell. Unless you pick a product in demand in the marketplace, you will fail. A fundamental principle of the capitalist system is “supply and demand”. It represents a delicate balancing act between “what people want” and how much of “it” is available.


SuperCharge Your Website With Multi-LInking

SuperCharge Your Website With Multi Linking
By Rick Hendershot

Here’s a fairly obvious Multi Linking Strategy that is probably the easiest and most effective one you can employ. I call it…

Power Publishing on Your Own Site

The basic idea is simply to create lots of pages on your site(s) and embed links pointing back to your most important target pages. This works because a link pointing at a page on your site — your home page, for instance — enhances that page whether it is coming from outside or inside your site.


Say Something Worth Talking About

Say Something Worth Talking About
By Nick Usborne

I recently published a short e-book called ‘One Thing I Know About Doing Business Online’. Seventeen people contributed – including Seth Godin, Jeffrey Zelman, Danny Sullivan, Jared Spool, Gerry McGovern and Ann Handley.

But I didn’t make a contribution of my own. This article is about the one thing I know…

First, I should say that the rules are a little different for me within this article. I allowed my contributors only 150 words each. Why? Because I wanted them to think hard, find that ‘one thing’ and explain it clearly and briefly.


Why aren’t you wealthy?

Lesson 1 – Why Aren’t You Wealthy?
By Scott Boulch

We will start the Financial Fitness System with the assumption that you are out of shape financially or you would not have decided to subscribe to the course. So, again, why aren’t you wealthy? There are some exceptions, but for the majority of the world it’s the same reason. You did not choose to be wealthy, that’s it, end of story. We told you this would be simple!


Atlanta Tsunami Relief Meetup

I decided to organize a group to coordinate Atlanta’s relief effort for the victims of the recent tsunamis in Asia. For more information and to join the group, visit the following site: http://tsunami.meetup.com/17/ It’s one thing to watch the news, it’s quite another to do something about the news.
We can’t let the celebrities have all of the fun. Let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with. If there isn’t a group in your area, create one. These people really need our help.


Free Teleclass

I am co-hosting a free teleclass with Cameo Publications on January 27, 2004. The topic will be Write to Sell! How to Create Promotional Pieces that Sell Books. If you would like to attend the class, please pre register. There are only 100 slots available for this call. To register visit http://www.pnewsletter.com/teleclassreg.html