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PLR – A Great Source of Content for Your Online Business

Content is the mainstay for any internet marketer. It boosts search engine results, it provides value to visitors, it establishes you as an authority in your industry, it connects you with your target audience, and content helps you market your products and/or services.

When it comes to creating content, including books, reports, articles, blog posts, and audio and video, there are a few options. You can create the content yourself. You can hire someone to create it, or you can use PLR (Private Label Rights) content. Of the three options, PLR offers some unique benefits.

Here’s why PLR is a great source of content for your online business:

* PLR helps you provide valuable knowledge and information to your website visitors without you having to know everything there is to know about your niche topic. It broadens your expertise without having to spend the time researching and gaining the knowledge yourself.

* It is a quick and easy means of creating content. It saves you both the time creating new topics but also researching and writing. Your time is valuable and PLR can give you the time you need to focus on more profitable tasks.

* It’s less expensive than hiring a ghostwriter. PLR saves you money and as a business owner, you’re already acutely aware of how to best spend your money. In many cases you can purchase two or even three times the amount of PLR as if you’d hired a ghostwriter to write the same content yourself. This is because multiple licences are sold for PLR content.

* With PLR you don’t have to worry about it being delivered on time. Nor do you need to listen to any potential excuses, questions or timely communication issues you may deal with when employing a ghostwriter.

* You can easily edit the content to fit your particular keywords. And by adding a few personal touches to each piece of PLR, you create an original piece of content. Also, it only takes you minutes rather than hours.

* PLR is great to boost search engine optimization. Because each article or PLR piece is created around a unique topic, a little keyword research and some fine tuning of the content is all you need to publish it, be recognized by the search engines and boost your page ranking. A better page ranking means more traffic. More traffic equals more profits, generally. And because search engines look for both quality and volume with regards to content, PLR makes it easy to get noticed by the search engine spiders quickly.

* It helps you become an authority in your niche. Private label rights content helps you increase the amount of published content you have on your website and available online. Because you own the rights to it, you are free to place your name as the author. Publication helps establish you and your company as an authority on your niche topic. Authority is a key buying trigger – we buy from people we believe to be experts.

* PLR offers many options. You can easily repurpose PLR articles into books and reports to give away as bonus material, opt-in offers or even to sell. And if you purchase PLR books and reports, they too can be repurposed into articles, autoresponders, and blog posts.

* PLR comes in a variety of formats. Articles and blog posts are often the most popular; however, you can purchase PLR autoresponders, ebooks, reports, online courses, software, audios and videos.

PLR offers busy entrepreneurs an easy way to supplement their content. It fills in the gaps and it makes creating and providing content on a regular basis a much easier and less time-consuming endeavour.