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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of noise about podcasting lately. You’ve probably heard so much about podcasting that you’re contemplating starting your own podcast. Wonderful. Here’s some information about podcasting to get you started.

First of all, you need to know what podcasting is. Basically it is when you record audio and put it on the web for people to download at a later time to listen to. Podcasting allows anyone to have their own radio program. Your program can be an interactive show where listeners call in or you can just record yourself talking about whatever your show is about and post that online. You can also be a DJ and play Podsafe music in your podcast.

Once you decide on having a show, you need to determine a format. You can make it informational or entertaining. You can make a podcast based solely on interviewing other experts. Your podcast can consist of you reading articles that you have written. You can also read articles that you have private label rights to. The possibilities are truly endless.

After you determine a format for your podcast, you need to decide on a realistic schedule. When you’re just starting out you should shoot for recording once a week. There’s a lot of debate on how long a podcast should be. For your first podcast, 15 minutes is plenty. Of course, if you’re doing an interview format, you should allow at least an hour so you can have time for a question and answer session.

Once you have your schedule, you should decide on what topics you wish to discuss. If you’re doing a music podcast, you should decide what type of music you want to play in your podcast. It will be a lot easier to find material for your podcast when you have a plan.

It’s not that complicated to set up a podcast. You don’t have to go out and buy a lot of expensive software or equipment. There are several sites that allow you to use a telephone to call in and record your site. One such site is BlogTalkRadio located at http://www.blogtalkradio.com. Not only do they allow you to call in and record your program, but they also allow other people to call in and talk to you as well. This is great if you want a true talk show feel. They also have a revenue-sharing model so you can even monetize your podcast.

Once you have your podcast set up, you need to promote it. It does you no good to have this awesome podcast if you have no listeners. Promote your podcast everywhere you promote your website. Post it to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You want your podcast on any social networking site you frequent. Post a link to it in your newsletter. Post it on your business card. You should also post your podcast to podcast directories. Just go to google and type in podcast directory to find some directories to list your podcast in.

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